RUMOR 2014 Call of Duty game is called Patriots, set during World War 1, and....

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User Info: Eleckzar

3 years ago#71
I'm really interested in these alternate universe type histories. Imagine a game where Hitler actually won WWII, or if Ludendorff's offensive on Paris actually succeeded and the Germans won WWI. Hitler's Europe would be a fascinating game.
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User Info: thasnipermaster

3 years ago#72
exciting rumor, but when is the CoD series going to have a game set 1000 years in the future!!!

dat technology
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User Info: CrownedOne03

3 years ago#73
I want a Vietnam game done right. Black Ops doesn't count as it was only a small fraction of the game. If they nailed the environment and ambiance of the Vietnam War as well as the soundtrack, it would be an awesome game setting with great graphics to boot.

User Info: BIackPriviIige

3 years ago#74
dnmt posted...
Trench warfare doesn't sound like much fun but I'll take anything that isn't another modern shooter.

This. I'll pass if it involves storming the beaches of Normandy, going after Saddam or other A-rabs, or fighting some post-apocalyptic new world order.

User Info: TarotXIII

3 years ago#75
I sure f****** hope so. PLEEEEEEEASE no more "future"/current time. I don't even remember the last ww2 or veitnam game released was. Ww1 sounds great! if 13 year olds who want to be youtube commentators think it's a boring setting, they can stay on ghost and black ops 2.

User Info: Kenhorou

3 years ago#76
All of these rumors are probably true. Usually COD rumors that come out around this time of the year are true. Happened with MW3, BO2, and Ghosts.
"COD: Be at the right place, at the right time"-Ragdoll47

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#77
so will the game be about a dude that stays in the same spot for weeks shooting at dudes 100 yards away and then at the end of the game the guy survives the war and gets killed by the spanish flu immediately after in the epilogue?
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#79
Horridhal posted...
This series has become such a joke.

User Info: JHeavey12

3 years ago#80
If this is seriously called Patriots I'll do a back flip. F*** the criticisms I've had about this series lately. "IM PLAYING PATRIOTS." The only thing they would need is a giant bald eagle holding an AR-15 on the cover smoking a cigarette that says 'MERICA on it. I'd have to buy two to frame a copy.
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