Why do people think the next Halo game will be good?

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User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#71
Goregasm17 posted...
Halo 4 was terrible. Halo had it's own feel, it doesn't need to be like CoD..
Put weapon spawns back on the map and get rid of the terrible ordinance, and remove loadout editing..sheesh the stuff made the game so bad. Call of Duty with a shield

Problem is CoD is probably the top selling franchise in the past decade and Halo 4 last time I checked sold over 9 million copies.

Sooooooooooo........theres obviously an appeal to the new style.

User Info: Hvv0l24n9

3 years ago#72
Viper187666 posted...
Hvv0l24n9 posted...
Because Halo 4 was good without Bungie. A lot of the hate Halo 4 gets is because of things they built on from Reach which was by Bungie. So... Yeah. It's in good hands.

No, the hate is because the idiots copied COD too much. It wasn't Halo, and it wasn't good.

Except that's where Bungie was obviously taking it themselves.
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User Info: pearlarowana

3 years ago#73
TheMove2 posted...
Bungie no longer makes Halo so I don't get how people are sure the next Halo will even be good? That would be like Naughty Dog being done with Uncharted and someone else made the next Uncharted. I doubt it would be half as good.

Just curious as I don't follow all Halo news?

Destiny is clearlu is the next halo. But it will run best on ps4 though.
OMG that the best cringed ever!!

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#74
Titanfall will save the Xbox One.

It didn't.

Halo 5 will save the Xbox One, in 2015.

It won't.
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