So far this gen has seen the smallest graphical jump

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User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#21
I wasn't expecting much of a graphics jump. If games just looked as good as last gen with better performance, I'd be happy.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#22
It's still pretty early, but the difference between last gen and current gen isn't too impressive at the moment. Most developers are focusing too much on trivial details.
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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#23
Pretty close bump
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User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#24
It's similar to how the jump from Xbox to 360 was during the first year.
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User Info: Shinobi120

3 years ago#25
Let's see:

A console with a 192 GFLOP GPU, a measly 512 MB's of shared RAM, plus the cell processor (PS3),


A console with a 1.84 TFLOP GPU, 8 GB's of faster, unified RAM (GDDR5), plus a 8-core x86 CPU (PS4).


User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#26
NSGraphite posted...

Look at Tomb Raider played on last gen systems, then check it out on current gen systems. Not much of a difference. And other games have character models only slightly improved from last gen.

This is exactly as expected. the graphics have improved to the point that only small improvements are going to be noticeable. In other words, graphics are quickly approaching realism and in a few generations, there will be little difference between filmed content and in-game content.

Look at the few cross-gen titles from the last launch. They were fairly similar as well. The thing is, most of these cross gen games were initially created for the previous generation and not really optimized for the new systems.

Furthermore, can you really say that there's not a big jump from most of last gen's titles to titles such as Ryse, inFamous, or Killzone: SF? Sure, there may have been a couple of titles on the PS360 that were close, but those were few and far between. Again, if you look at most of the really early titles from the last generation, you'll find that there were several titles from the preceding generation that were pretty much just as pretty as those titles.

We've gotten to the point where we put in the newest titles on our PS360 gen systems and compare them to games from the PS2/Xbox era, though that's an unfair comparison. There was definitely a jump, whether people choose to accept it or not.
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User Info: maizemaize

3 years ago#27
Maybe X one titles look similar to x360, but WiiU made a giant Leap over Wii.

User Info: ry_mann

3 years ago#28
People need to understand. The games WILL look better, but for different reasons than we saw going from Xbox/PS2 into 360/PS3.

We'll see better lighting, higher textures, more stuff on screen, more particles.

Those things alone can make a game look far better than just increasing polygons.
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User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#29
I have no quibbles right now with either system in terms of the graphical jump--well, especially with one system any way.

But even on the X1 (see what i did there?), i think the first time i got killed in B4 was when i stopped to drool at the water effects between some buildings.
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User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#30
Laylow12 posted...
They only look last gen on the XBOX ONE. DR3 looks absolutely horrible. Forza only the cars look good, everything else is a step backwards. Ryse looks good but its basically an on the rails beat em up with not much going on.

COD, ACIV and BF4 all look noticeably better on the PS4 in 1080p.
The games on the PS4 look next generation and both the Wii-U and the PS4 have more games in 1080p than the XBOX ONE.


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