Anyone Else Thinking Of Switching Over To PS4?

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User Info: thegamer00

3 years ago#31
Heck No. I won't be getting a PS4 until years and years down the road. Games will be used less than 5 dollars then.

User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#32
BeefEaster posted...
I don't understand why someone would sell a game console they only bought a few months ago...why buy it in the first place?

I can't afford the best house or car--but I can afford the best console. I thought I was purchasing the better graphically, more powerful console--and that's not what I got.

I still have subscriptions to content from Ghost and B4 on the X1 and a subscription to Xbox Live till sometime in 2015, so I'm kind of locked in. The only thing that distinguishes my X1 from my PS4 right now is that piece of junk known as the Kinect (the PS4 has distinguished itself as the better console to present multiplats). If there is no substantial development for the Kinect, I'll probably be selling my X1--if I can get someone to buy it.
And, yes, I visit Eurogamer's Digital Foundry for X1/PS4 comparisons.

User Info: Hydroflame20

3 years ago#33
0PTICS posted...
"Switching"? Apparently we can't have both....

Thats right there cant be both only one or its Death you cant have it both ways and dont you even think about going to pc either lmao jk but sometimes I get that to.
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

3 years ago#34
There is no way I'd pick up a PS4 right now. If I had a spare $400, it would grab another GTX 770 so I could run in SLI.

I got the X1 because of the kinect and the exclusives it has for it. There is literally nothing that is appealing to me on the PS4 right now.
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User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#35
slyman19 posted...
I have both and honestly, they're the same thing. It really comes down to which console has the exclusives you want to play.

MS and Sony fanboys are equally stupid. Currently playing XB1 and PS4 and loving it. Don't be apart of their "war"

User Info: 2006_

3 years ago#36
godplaysSNES posted...
Better to go with PC instead

To play what again?

The Last of Us?
New Halo?

User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#37
Yes I've been thinking of trading in my Xbox and getting a ps4. I love my Xbox one but I really want remote play with the vita. I just never play on my tv anymore. Most of my gaming is done in bed or on the coach while my wife watches tv. I love my n videos shield and thus why I want to get a ps4. I will miss halo and stuff.

I just don't see ms adding a remote play feature like nvidia or sony
770 gtx-i5 4670k htc, xbox one, nvidia shield

User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#38
Nope, I'm more than happy with my PC and Wii U. There's no reason for me to get a PS4 at the moment or an Xbone.
Many Bothans died to bring you this post.

User Info: fizzle2222

3 years ago#39
TC is pro Sony and most likely convinced his poor cousin that Xbox one is garbage, bait thread.

User Info: donate123

3 years ago#40
fizzle2222 posted...
TC is pro Sony and most likely convinced his poor cousin that Xbox one is garbage, bait thread.

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