Big time actors in video games?

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User Info: Supernautus

3 years ago#11
BeefEaster posted...
rockstar actually STOPPED using big name actors in their games so they could use the money to make the games better

and their games are the most popular games in existence

moral of the story: big name actors are not needed

I think they stopped using big name actors because Ray Liotta was an absolute douche and many hollywood actors were making unrealistic pay demands.

User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#12
AppleJeZus posted...
Yeah this isn't news.. many Hollywood actors have played video game characters over the last 15 years

This. Look at any actor's history, or look at pretty much any game close to "AA". Look at Halo voice actors.

Likeness is another issue, but having the voice, and knowing it's the voice (of Patrick Stewart for example, in Oblivion or Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell) is just as much part of the experience as if they were also doing the likeness.
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User Info: chrish909

3 years ago#13
More games need tomake the characters look like the actor, otherwise its like they spent all that money and most dont even realize they heard a celebs voice. Liam neeson is your father in fallout 3, matthew perry is benny in fallot nv, cod waw had gary oldman and kiefer sutherland, most gamers would never realize because you only hear their voice. Having their likeness is also a good way to appeal to more people. If a movie like inception didnt have leo dicaprio or chris nolans name attached to it, it would have done alot worse. If booker dewitt had leos likeness and voice, bioshock would probably of been very successful because people would want to try the leo dicaprio game.

Also Peter dinkage from got is doing va for destiny.
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