So what's your next XB1 purchase?

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User Info: crucial

3 years ago#21
Still need to pick up Child of Light next week but my next major buy is Watchdog's.

User Info: willzim

3 years ago#22
Nothing until the external harddrive support cause my memory is full.
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User Info: krillin4553

3 years ago#23
Wolfenstien for sure. Always been a fan of the series and the new one looks great.
XBL/PSN/NinID: DocDrazen. Proud owner of all current/next Gen systems/custom build PC. What console war? XD

User Info: Geist

3 years ago#24
spacejamjordanz posted...
Yep. Gen 4, but haven't touched it in nearly two weeks. Had a ton of fun from day one though, but my drive to play it just isn't really there anymore.

Yea I'm Gen 4 now and it is a bit of a climb. Still, I'm too much of a mech fan to put it down.
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User Info: Chewie212

3 years ago#25
Wolfenstein, likely

User Info: ShowStoppa24

3 years ago#26
Elder Scrolls Online

Whichever one comes out first.
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#27
no idea tbh.

im not sure which exclusive is out first. possibly sunset overdrive?
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User Info: Geist

3 years ago#28
I wish ESO had no subscription fee, I'd lo e to try an online rpg, but that just seems like a bit too much to pay. Still, it has me intrigued.
For I am the Kwisatz Haderach!

User Info: natrapslive

3 years ago#29
Xbox Live Gamertag: natraps

User Info: BigLongDowner

3 years ago#30
GT - Typ3 O Negativ3
"Don't mistake lack of talent for genius"
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