Why Xbox is poised to make the PlayStation a niche product

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User Info: Ran_Ao_Li

3 years ago#81
Sony on the other hand seems to be concentrating primarily on the gamer and offer no signs of doing such things.

Personally, as long as they keep doing this I'll be happy. I don't care or want other media on my console, I just want pure gaming. Fair enough if "the mainstream consumer" wants all the different features, but for me its useless. More gamer focus, less multimedia platform.
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User Info: Ragnarokxv

3 years ago#82
If I want a game console I will buy a game console.

If I want an all-in-one media management device... well I don't. Using my PS3 for Netflix and having my TV box plugged directly into my TV is enough.

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User Info: Howiedodat

3 years ago#83
Looks like TC got exactly what he wanted. Lol.
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User Info: AenimaGenesis

3 years ago#84
Is this what it's come to for Xbox fans? Just blatant childish fantasy reiterated over and over until they believe it, and the reality no longer exists to hurt them?

User Info: lunchbox2042

3 years ago#85
I bought a gaming console for gaming, not watching Netflix.

User Info: ThePaleRiderp

3 years ago#86
What is this we?
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User Info: teknochicken

3 years ago#87
Pretty sure PS4 is kicking xbones ass sales wise.....

User Info: AxleHeadX

3 years ago#88
You are forgetting that gamers have no interest in TV features, you can get a Roku for $50 or an smart blu ray player for streaming purposes and no one cares about Microsoft TV shows. The casual market is not going to spend 500 dollars on an Xbox One for streaming. Face it the reason PS4 is keeping momentum is because gamers are flocking to the console that is focusing and investing resources on gaming. I am sick of Microsoft this generation. All they push is TV. I used to love my Xbox's, but Microsoft has completely lost focus.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

3 years ago#89
holy lol
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User Info: Carpetfluff

3 years ago#90
If the niche is gaming...then I'm all for it.
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