Xbox One Cyberbullying

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User Info: Ramsus082

3 years ago#41
I never saw the problem with it, really. Gamefaqs tools are good enough to avoid a poster you don't care for, and ageing past your teens takes care of the rest as far as not having to cry like a lil' Internet baby every time you're trolled. Besides, who comes to Gamefaqs for in-depth discussion? Don't we all talk to real people who's opinions we care about instead of blurbs of organized text on a generalized game message board? There's better places for it, even online. Besides, some places are just better suited to be casual entertainment and news stops, rather than hubs for deep discussion.

Gawker != Huffington Post. They both serve different purposes, with a lot of overlap.
"Exclusives MIGHT look better on the PS4. Multiplatform games will look identical." - You

User Info: Ramsus082

3 years ago#42
bump for a terrific thread!
"Exclusives MIGHT look better on the PS4. Multiplatform games will look identical." - You

User Info: CharadeSmith

3 years ago#43
If you want blame someone or something, blame MS/XB1. When it stops sucking, the hate will stop.
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User Info: teh1337gosu

3 years ago#44
How do you make that alcoholic chicken anyway?

User Info: natrapslive

3 years ago#45
Porunga posted...
So this person is under the impression that it is only happening to the xbox? Yeah no, such things are happening everywhere, on every system. The xbox base is not innocent nor are victims. They are just as bad as everyone else, engaging in the same behavior they whine and cry about so much and complain about the dreaded "ponies" like they are the boogie man tormenting them.

I don't see a full board of trolls on the PS4 board.
Xbox Live Gamertag: natraps

User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#46
You want to blame someone for this travesty, blame me. It is all my fault.

I'm sorry.
"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." - The Dark Tower I

User Info: ThisIsDumbfaqs

3 years ago#47
slyman19 posted...
Porunga posted...
slyman19 posted...
Tajaz2426 posted...
pblimp360 posted...
The article is fairly correct. I remember the ridiculous amounts of trolls here all those months back that help fuel what he's saying.

Yes, that is true, but the a article makes it look like the XBox fans are victims when it happens to all consoles.

True, but the Xbox hate is the worst I have ever seen.

Then you haven't been looking, past or present.

Care to give some examples?

Don't say PS3 because that was no where near as bad as PS3 fans had retaliation ammo, RRoD.

+1 I'd love to hear what gets more hate presently? I find that a ridiculous statement. One look at the posts in almost ANY thread on this board shows your wrong.

User Info: Ironman06

3 years ago#48
Jx1010 posted...
Im not sure I understand what the point of this topic is.

You're just mad because he can science harder than you can.
"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer." - Cunningham's Law

User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#49
Now...while there are a few well known trolls on these boards...there are also a lot of people who don't lap up everything that comes from Microsofts mouth..nor what some on these board regurgitate. Not everyone is trolling, not every negative thing is a personal attack on what seems to be a beloved company.

Personally...I was a Xbox 360 person last gen., and I didn't even get the PS3 until The Last of Us came out...but MS tried to do a lot of really stupid things before launching the Xbone, and they would have gone through with it if this "cyberbullying" never happened...if people didn't speak up, and if they didn't call Microsoft out on their anti-consumer bullcrap...then you bet your ass that the Xbone would have DRM and no used games.

Call me silly, but I don't trust a company that tries to do that...there are also a whole bunch of other points about the price..the kinect...but for me it has to do with trust, and I'm more than a little tired of Microsoft's exclusives...I don't play FPS games like I used to, and I couldn't be less excited for Halo 2 and 5...or Gears...or Forza...

Its not "cyberbullying" its you running into people who have different opinions, and in some cases people who just don't care about brand loyalty...but there are trolls too of course...just don't be so quick to label every criticism as such, but I would love to see all of these resolution and sales number topics vanish..even if I believe that 1080p should have been the standard for this gen..

User Info: Crysiania

3 years ago#50
teh1337gosu posted...
"Dr. Sameer Hinduja specialises in online behaviours and cyberbullying. When asked about the online community’s propensity for hating on the Xbox One, he points out that once some people become fans of a certain product, they “eventually derive some measure of their identity from ‘belonging’ to the group of people who are those fans.” This is, of course, what we commonly refer to as “fanboyism." ... It's silly to portray Microsoft as an absolute victim. The fanbase for the console remains strong and it’s selling well. The fact that the Xbox One is so hated on is a testament to its major role in modern culture, and it’s almost certain that the haters will quieten down and move onto the next vulnerable target sooner rather than later. Then, when the discrepancy between the culture of Xbox One hating and its real-world facets begins to diminish, we’ll be able to see more clearly that this console is likely to become one of the most successful of all time."

An Xbox One hate subculture? How dies something like this even manifest itself. Back when it was Sonic vs Mario it was more of a rivalry hate, not a tribal cyber bullying kick em while they're down. Oldish article, but surprised it exists in the first place.

How does it manifest itself? Well ... microsoft comes up with bad policies and buying exclusivity which in no way is beneficial to gamers as a whole. Isnt that a good reason to hate them and the brand? They also came up with that parity bs too.

Imo its perfectly resonable to hate on something that looks to ruin your favourite hobby. And they would too if they have market majority.

If sony were to ever actually go bankrupt console gamers are fked.
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