Was it a dumb move to get rid of exclusitivity for Halo show?

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User Info: Garfield64

3 years ago#31
aszsith posted...
Clearly you didnt get the sarcasm...

Or you're embarrassed and trying to cleverly hide it now xD
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User Info: mattglosbcfc

3 years ago#32
Dont care.
Dont care for any halo show since the game is boring enough.

User Info: Muryo

3 years ago#33
SunDevil77 posted...
Muryo posted...
Can you please list anti consumer tactics from each during this gen? Also please list pr screw ups that angered console owners.

Nah. They've done things for their own benefit, but I don't care to get into the fanboy affairs. It is pretty silly that you're speaking as if Sony/Nintendo gives a s*** about you.

You dodged the question, cute.
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User Info: AceMagase

3 years ago#34
If Showtime throws some money at the show we'll just get a higher quality show. If they were to create the series just for X1 it might turn out like some low budget Syfy in the 90's like show but with showtime on board you can be sure it's going to have the production values of the big shows like GoT

User Info: garcia_jx

3 years ago#35
aszsith posted...
DarkAdonis123 posted...
It's all about money. What's so hard to understand about that? You guys kill me with your fantasy about being more than just a wallet to large corporations and that they actually care about you.

But regardless of their qualifications, every gfaqs user is an industry insider, part-time developer, and business analyst. They know how to run the multi-million dollar corporation better than the trained, educated executives.

No no no no no....it's a multibillion dollar company. And I do believe it's a smart business move for MS. They get money from Showtime, people will watch the show, and if it is good, people will be interested in buying an Xbox One for Halo 5. On the other hand, Halo fans might be tempted to subscribe to Showtime to watch the halo tv series, so everyone wins.

User Info: ParappaTheHATER

3 years ago#36
Just one more exclusive that's not really an exclusive, if it's on other platforms than it defeats the whole purpose, Exclusive means ONLY , NO OTHERS, if it's on PC, or hbo makes no difference if it's timed exclusive PS4 will eventually get it
"Sony always wins." -Chad Warden

User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#37
It's a good business move cause more ppl own cable satellite tv then those who own XBOX 360 and XBOX one. So I don't see a prob with cause I didn't buy my system for a Halo tv show.

User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#38
Garfield64 posted...
aszsith posted...
Clearly you didnt get the sarcasm...

Or you're embarrassed and trying to cleverly hide it now xD

You got me. I'm highly embarrassed by something on a 3rd-rate Internet videogame forum. I'll never be able to show my face in public again for fear of the shame I feel.
ALL games should have a Single Player mode. I can always guarantee I want to play when I turn on my system. I can't guarantee others will at the same time.

User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#39
You ppl complain about every thing but I think that's just human nature if your really that butt hurt about this go sell your xb1 and move on and get a ps4.
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.

User Info: josh924

3 years ago#40
Apex-Player posted...
Revival125 posted...
Lets be honest here, even if it was exclusive to Xbone, everyone else who wanted to watch it without forking out for a new console would just torrent it like they do every other TV show!

I still think the fans who dropped 500 should have first dibs though.

I know you guys are just trolling (or trying your best to), but its not like TV shows are being made exclusively for people who own Xbox One consoles. People will be able to watch "Xbox Originals" on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and "other Microsoft devices", which probably means "anything that can access Xbox Video".

Troll logic; posting positive news about the XB1 is called "reassurance", whereas posting negative news is considered "being honest".
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