Cable voice recognition - Wrong Channel

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User Info: Giga1

3 years ago#1
Just in the last few days I have noticed that the kinect took a dive in changing channels correctly. I believe the box that pops up and shows the channel you said looks different.

I am using Comcast

Saying discovery channel results in CSPAN3
Saying MTV results in NPT (tried this with 3 people saying MTV and all the same)
Saying HIstory results in Bnel Hispanic channel
Saying Palladia results in Bloomberg

Well, you get the picture. Some I thought were maybe similar words that it got confused, but other are so off of the word said there is no way. I have reset the cable book settings and refreshed the channel line up. Any Suggestions?

User Info: ElPolloDiablo87

3 years ago#2
You're in the update beta preview program, right? Apparently they know about the issue and are working on a fix.
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#3
microsoft is perfect and kinect is awesome. surely you are speaking broken english.

okay ill stop. i make a bad fanboy.

User Info: turbogoon

3 years ago#4
I had this issue. I just made those channels favorites on the one guide. Works like a fanboys dream.

User Info: hamchunk

3 years ago#5
Yeah, my wife "accidentally" hit the reset tv option in the settings menu and about half of my channels were doing the same thing. All I had to do was manually select the channels through the one guide and they worked fine again. I don't know why that happened but I am glad it was a quick fix.
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User Info: Giga1

3 years ago#6
Thanks for the help folks, I will give the favorites a try.
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