ESO Xbox One or FFXIV RR (PS3)

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User Info: Mr2bitz

3 years ago#1
Ok I really want to play a MMO and I'm going to. I don't have a pc or ps4. I love final fantasy games and also elder scroll games. (I have a ps3) I need to know if there will be enough people playing ESO on Xbox One. If not immediately not going to waist my money, I will go with ffxiv RR...what are your opinions for my situation? (Just joined this site and it's my first pose)

User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

3 years ago#2
I would suggest starting off with FFXIV. I played it on PS3 and I loved it. Unfortunately, I don't have a PS3 anymore and I most likely won't be getting a PS4 until February so I'm stuck waiting until then to play it again. That's where ESO on Xbox One comes in for me. To at least have something to hold me over until then. From what I'm seeing and hearing of it, it seems more like a regular Elder Scrolls game that you play online than your typical MMORPG. That's fine with me because I love the Elder Scrolls, but it sounds like it isn't going to totally scratch the itch that has been left after playing FFXIV a few months back.

I would go ahead and pick up FFXIV if I were you and just wait on ESO until it actually releases and there are some critic/user reviews out that might make your decision on it easier. I don't think player population on the Xbox One is going to be a problem, I'm just worried that it might not be all that great.
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User Info: Robin_Mask

3 years ago#3
Wait for ESO to get fixed or something, been hearing it is a big let down.

When it comes to MMOs, look up the reception at release and see if there are major problems. They are more than likely going to get fixed later.
Please help support this great game!

User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#4
Pour grammer annoy's me
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User Info: SubSeenix

3 years ago#5
The Problem with ESO is it doesn't have endgame

It is more like a "Singleplayer MMO" > Max Level and you are done or doing stuff that doesn't really keep you progressing to make you better(than others)

While in other MMORPGs leveling is just a small part of the game while you get excited for Endgame...Usually PvE Raiding,Gearing up or Competitive PvP.
For example upcoming Wildstar on PC has everything directly from the start.

FF14 was fun but i didn't play it longer than 2 weeks after the PC Release of Realm Reborn.
Reching max level and gearing up with the little endgame the game had at that moment was a nice experiencing.Though grinding fates back then was something not everyone will enjoy.

The thing with ESO is...You can't say how long people will keep playing.
I had the 5 days headstart on PC and reached max level 2 days after that...So 3 days before the game officially launched i had nothing left to do.Though im a person only interested in endgame in MMORPGs...For example in Wildstar Top Raiding guilds already recruit and filter people for progression raiding cause the developer is all about Endgame and keeping the people hooked.

In ESO i did some PvP which isn't competitive at all in the game or has any chance to ever be like that.Its just tons of randoms doing what ever they like and not working together.
The feeling you will have most of the time - Even the few dungeons you will experience through leveling are just there to fake "Group play" - It isn't really main factor of the game.

If you enjoy questing and stuff it is maybe for you - You will spend maybe 100-150 hours if you take your time to reach max level but after that there isn't CURRENTLY much to do.
60$ or whatever it will be on console for 100-150 hours of gametime you could enjoy if you don't expect endgame is a good deal IMO.
But you can definitely waste time in that game if you are happy with voiced over quest dialogue and all those things.
Sadly a MMORPG has to have the content to keep people playing from the start otherwise after the free month people won't subscribe to keep playing > FOr what reason if there isn't stuff to do?

I don't know what they have planned for ESO in the coming months but i and probably many people currently don't care anymore.
Maybe they will release content and competitive PvP in the near future but i don't think so.

Without the Elder Scrolls Name in it the game would have been forgotten already especially by people which like MMORPGs.

For FF14...Well i heard they are adding here and there stuff.
SquareEnix is in general with their MMORPG stuff pretty good at staying healthy - They do their own thing and not really compete with the big shots in the MMORPG market.Just look at FF11 and how long this game worked.FF14 will do the same.
But seriously > Get a PC and look into the MMORPGs there.The variety there is huge.
Upcoming WIldstar probably the most promising MMORPG since World of Warcraft Burning Crusade in the eyes of a player who wants to keep playing AND experiencing new and challenging content all the time for years.
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