Does anybody REALLY care about Xbox vs Playstation?

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User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#31
I just want to play a quality, engrossing game...regardless of system.

User Info: ShadowNinja87

3 years ago#32
Well 360 xbots brought this on themselves when they trolled the ps3 boards for like 2 years.

User Info: fanboymaycry

3 years ago#33
CharadeSmith posted...
Pumpedu posted...
We need Microsoft and Sony. If one did quit consoles. We would all be screwed.

We were doing just fine (better, even) before Xbox.

Not in the sense that you're implying.

I could simply flip your logic around and say that "we were doing just fine (even better) before Sony Playstation came out" too. But I'll go further by kindly informing you that SEGA was still in the console manufacturing arena prior to the first Xbox being introduced. And during those years, Sega was a lot more prolific in terms of their AAA game development and production. Their presence, along with Nintendo's, kept Sony somewhat in check.

Ironically, the Sony fanatics back then did the same things they're doing now when the Saturn and Dreamcast were on the market opposite the PS1 and PS2. Both the DC and Saturn were awesome game machines. Each of them were unfairly trolled and bashed by people akin to those who "congregate" on this board bashing a console they'll never buy. In the end, Sega simply didn't have the money to stay in the hardware business. The Saturn was mismanaged and the DC was easily pirated. However...

MS actually has the resources to do a repeat of last gen's success (where their Xbox 360 was right with Sony's PS3 in terms of moved units and game library). <-- And that's what has so many trolls here scared to absolute death. Why fear a healthy gaming industry where more choices exist? Are people that ignorant? Or does it come down to insecurity over other people playing good games on a product they don't own (or cannot obtain). Gee, I almost forgot... the console wars r srs bizness lol.

If SONY had the gaming market all to themselves, you'd be gettin' screwed up the backdoor.

-You thought $599 was bad?
-You thought the PS2 disc read error epidemic was bad?
-You thought the first and second run of PS1's having to be turned upside down in order to keep running for more than 15 mins was bad?

Sony would screw the gamer over so hard if they had the market all to themselves. Their warranty situation also sucks. I got YLOD, even though I took immaculate care of that $600 behemoth, so I know first hand. And don't get me started on the hype jargon known as "Cell" and "Emotion Engine" lol. PS2 and PS3 were notoriously difficult for devs to work on. Competition from Xbox consoles forced them to try to (finally) become more developer friendly with PS4. That benefits the gamer (and Sony fanboys alike).

The PS brand got better over time, due to competition. The PS3 would not have improved the way it did and the PS4 as it exists today wouldn't be the console it is. Not without competition paving the way.


3 years ago#34
I used to care. Now I somewhat care. In a couple weeks, I'll stop caring since I'll not only have my XBOX ONE, but I'll also become a member of the PC MASTER RACE!
"Boys screamed and girls screamed. So I made him scream, and scream, and scream..." ~ SPAWN

User Info: weezygd

3 years ago#35
ShadowNinja87 posted...
Well 360 xbots brought this on themselves when they trolled the ps3 boards for like 2 years.

Way to be a mature adult and get your revenge. I take that back, I hope you're not an adult.
Gamefaqs logic: I'm "bad" if I disagree with your opinion.

User Info: fanboymaycry

3 years ago#36
lightfighter posted...
I just want to play a quality, engrossing game...regardless of system.

Because you are a gamer who gets it. I salute you and hope you find what you're looking for wherever it may lead you.


User Info: djimenez0628

3 years ago#37
People care about it but I don't know why.

User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#38
Jedi454 posted...
Nope, I just find it funny that i've had to ignore over 30 users on this board for trolling.

I use this board to fill up my ignore list as well. It is getting quite long.
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#39
I don't cause I own both so I just see as more games for me to enjoy.

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

3 years ago#40
Nope, but competition is good for us.
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