Did Microsoft make a mistake revealing the price of Xbox One before Sony's PS4?

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  3. Did Microsoft make a mistake revealing the price of Xbox One before Sony's PS4?

User Info: fan360

3 years ago#31
Microsoft is only good at marketing monopoly products.

It didn't understand that people are very sensitive about console price.
And less sensitive about accessories.

It may make more money by selling the unit for $400 and kinect for $150.

User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#32
I don't think any mistakes in the price structure were made. I think an unfortunate business situation happened for Microsoft. They unveiled a good product at an expected price just before their competitor was set to do the same. Sony was able to see what they did and then undercut them. That isnt so much a mistake by Microsoft as it was a smart move by Sony.
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User Info: TheRealPhattyJ

3 years ago#33
Kenhorou posted...
Wasn't Sony Originally planning to bundle their camera with the console and sell for $500 but decided against it last minute because Microsoft was doing the same? Either way, Sony would have been more willing to reverse their decision on the camera even if they originally announced it at E3.

Internet rumor.

And it's funny.....companies work on those presentations for months, and have everything planned out almost down to the second. but, yet, somehow Sony managed to change their whole presentation, all their graphics, all their hard copy, all their props, etc in the short time between Microsoft's and their presentation to take advantage of the outrage directed at Microsoft... Somehow I doubt it.

User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#34
ExempliGratia posted...

This is the article people are talking about.

This article goes a bit more in depth and contains Sony exec quotes on the matter.

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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#35
the clues
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  3. Did Microsoft make a mistake revealing the price of Xbox One before Sony's PS4?

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