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User Info: TarotXIII

3 years ago#1
I've been think about getting a monitor for gaming and using my tv for just television or whatever. Do any of you use a monitor for gaming? is it as east to hook up your game system as a tv? please excuse the dumb questions for i seriously don't know.

User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#2
It is just as easy, monitors also tend to have lower input lag and response times, though there are also TVs that have low input lag and response times, like a Sony KDL42W705B for an example.

And yes, I do use a monitor, namely a Dell 2713HM, which is 27", is an IPS monitor and has the resolution of 2560x1440

Not the lowest input lag and response times, but by no means are they terrible, and the colour reproduction quality is quite amazing, minus the glow.
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User Info: Styrof0am

3 years ago#3
I've played on a 24" montior for the past 4-5 years. Started witrh a VGA adapter on 360, upgraded to a montior with HDMI when the black slim model was released.
I've been thropugh 3 different monitor. setupo was easy on all 3, gaming was a joy on all 3 and i didn't notice a difference between 1ms and 5ms repsonse time, but then I never ran them side by side

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User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#4
I use a TV that I could also use as a monitor.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#5
There are two reasons to use a monitor over a TV. Maybe 3 reasons:

--monitors have less input lag. TN monitors are the fastest, IPS monitors typically have better color and less white bleeding around the edges (compared to TN). It depends on how hardcore you want to get. IPS is a good balance. The right TN monitor may be closer to CRT monitor in input lag.

Based on my personal tests using photography and a clock displaying milliseconds (with various other factors such as which was the cloned monitor and all that) I've found that a good IPS monitor has about half the input lag as a good TV, and a good gaming TN monitor has about half the input lag as that same IPS monitor.

My tests were done using:
TV: Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR9 (in gaming mode obviously, with all post-processing turned off)
IPS monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2410
TN gaming monitor: BenQ XL2720T

--Monitors are usually cheaper than a TV
--Monitor usually takes up less space and may run much cooler (TN panel, IPS is sort of hot like TV) and they are more quiet than a plasma, and Plasmas may give you the sparkle effect, as well as the image retention issue.

Monitor negatives:
--you're restricted to less than 30"
---TV and movies usually looks better. Especially TV. With a monitor and a descent PC you can still make movies look pretty damn good if you set up your PC correctly (MPC + LAV filters and MVR).

I'm interested in what issues concern you, and what you decide to go with. Personally. if you choose to go with a budget TV like Vizio or just some random cheap TN panel monitor, then good for you. I assumed you made this topic to see all of the differences, and the cheaper options should be mentioned as well. The Vizio TVs that I've seen were actually pretty good, except the sound wasn't really good at all, but that may be fixed for $15 to $30 or you might already own a better sound solution.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#6
Tenzhi posted...
I use a TV that I could also use as a monitor.

Yep. It's not going to look as sharp, but it's completely awesome as a second monitor.

IMO the best setup would be to flip your PC monitor to portrait view on it's side, and use your TV for gaming and video. A monitor in portrait view is perfect for web browsing, documents, comics and books, and pretty much everything other than video and gaming.
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User Info: Ragnarokxv

3 years ago#7
I use a 24" 16:10 LED monitor (1920x1200) for my PC and the 360 on my desk. Computer speakers for sound. The display has 4ms input lag according to benchmarks, that is 1/4 of a frame of lag.
Most TVs have much more lag than that.

I have consoles connected to a 32" and 40" HDTV and prefer the monitor.

It could depend on whether you like sitting on a computer chair directly in front of the display or on a couch a distance from it.
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User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#8
If I was a professional/tournament gamer, I'd use a monitor to avoid the input lag on most TVs. Since I'm casual, and many video cards have HDMI output, I mainly game on a 60" plasma.

You'd have to force me to game on a smaller monitor these days.

Gaming computer (on which I play TF) (and don't ask me about it, ask the eBay seller who put it together for me), X1 and PS4--all hooked to that TV. An individual preference, but the large gaming landscapes draw me into games much, much more.

On that size screen, I don't play TF, it plays me!
And, yes, I visit Eurogamer's Digital Foundry for X1/PS4 comparisons.
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