No one is excited for Xbox One in E3?

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User Info: 181stCommander

3 years ago#61
Sony won E3 2014 already lol.
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#62
Millertime660 posted...
dnmt posted...
Millertime660 posted...
dnmt posted...
slyman19 posted...
Microsoft did have a good conference last year. People just get the reveal and E3 mixed up.

Last year I thought: MS=Nintendo>Sony.

Sony ignored the Vita and had a generally boring event. The only time I got excited was when I saw ESO.

It's okay if you enjoyed MS' E3 presentation last year but you have to at least acknowledge that most of the world loathed them at that point in time and they were a huge laughing stock. They're still clawing their way up from that hole they dug back then.

Most of the world loathed microsoft because of a console announcement? I will definitely not acknowledge that statement.

I guess you forgot the public outcry concerning their DRM scheme. Good to know you'll acknowledge the laughing stock part, at least. (;

So the public outcry was most of the world?

It's not just that most of the world does not like the Xbox One and prefer the PS4.

It's more like there isn't any place anywhere in the entire world that prefers the Xbox One over the PS4.

It is amazing how Microsoft managed to unite the entire world, every country, every religion, every race, young or old people ... in favor of the PS4 against the Xbox One.

Quite a feat.

User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#63
I think one of the big reasons people arent excited about Micosoft's E3 conference is that E3 is a huge publicity and PR event, and MS has shown they're very capable of shoving their collective foot in their mouth when it comes to PR.

They've made themselves out to be one of the least trustworthy companies in gaming due to the backpedaling, shadiness, and lies. THAT is why very few people are caring about them this year, no one wants to hear more of their BS.
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User Info: XDoneBoneredYou

3 years ago#64
nope matey you saw poll

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

3 years ago#65 you remember the last one?
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