Anyone honestly think that a Kinectless version would help sales?

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  3. Anyone honestly think that a Kinectless version would help sales?

User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#21
It would be one less reason to not want an x1. Still plenty more though.

User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#22
Not unless SKU without the Kinect undercuts the PS4.
"You know you've spotted a fanboy when they simply can not concede that anything is worthwhile on the other console"~ Evel138

User Info: AsianMansBurden

3 years ago#23
It will solve the creepy Big Brother reputation that XBone has.

User Info: mike468

3 years ago#24
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
If X1 reaches price parity with ps4 or undercuts ps4's price I think it will eventually take the lead in the US and UK. I doubt it will catch up worldwide though unless China ends up being better for MS than people seem to think. If they release a kinectless sku at $350, a sku with kinect at $450 and a $150 standalone kinect I think it would sell a lot better.

This. The whole point of the article about ditching kinect is related to price. If MS can offer the XBO with kinect at the same price as the ps4, it would be a better value for consumerd because the XBO includes a camera while the ps4 doesn't.
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User Info: Viper187666

3 years ago#25
toolman129 posted...
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
Ironman06 posted...
If Xbox One drops in price, regardless of if it has the kinect or not, you will see a huge surge in sales. That being said, I think it's rather short sited and Xbox stands to sell more in the long run if it keeps the technology bundled.

I used to think like that but I just don't see it anymore. Maybe E3 will show something, but it just seems like even with every X1 owner having kinect there aren't going to be many games that utilize it in meaningful ways. I still love mine for menu navigation and voice commands in some games, but if it's not going to be utilized much in games it should be optional.

I feel the same way regarding the Kinect.

But, with the 360, developers were never encouraged to use the tech.

Now, with every xbox sold guaranteed to have one, developers might be more willing to use it in creative ways.

All it will take is that first game to use it in a must have, game changing way and the industry as a whole will be sold as well as consumers.

Whether that ever happens or not remains to be seen.

That could've happened last gen and it didn't. If what's left of Rare couldn't make people want the damn thing, nobody can. It shouldn't have to be bundled. If it was good, people would go buy it. They sell racing wheels every generation, and you don't see those bundled. I don't think I've ever even seen one bundled with a special edition of a game.

Face it. 3rd party devs either like the tech or they don't. Install base means nothing. They rammed it down everyone's throats for 6 months, and they're way behind Sony on sales. Time to do one last reversal and give people what they want. That and get the rest of the good 360 features on the XB1 (HDD management, external storage).

If external storage ends up another joke like 360's BS size limit, that'll be another reason for me to tell MS where to shove XB1. No way I'm using a 5400 RPM internal drive for anything other than maybe save data. I want to install games to SSD or not at all. There's no excuse for something so slow on a machine that's supposed to be the next gen of gaming. The biggest problem with the last two generations has been load screens and load times.
I refuse to buy XB1 until it's sold without Kinect. No, I'm not a Sony fanboy. See?
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  3. Anyone honestly think that a Kinectless version would help sales?

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