Why do people get so personal over which system is better?

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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#21
Eh, only see this with the Xbox fanboys, tbqh. Wildly aggressive in defense.
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User Info: Ramsus082

3 years ago#22
I love these threads. Anybody else? They're pretty much here to allow everyone(Xbots, Playslaves, PC master race, etc) to talk about the other group and how much they dislike them out loud as if they're speaking to no one in particular. Everybody rushes to post their biggest pet peeves with the others. It's such a god damn waste of time it's actually entertaining to read, if that makes any sense.
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User Info: ThisIsDumbfaqs

3 years ago#23
I made this name because of the exact question you are asking. I even made the account to comment on one of these so-called "Gamers".

Big surprise a Mod deleted the thread right after i posted and called him a little child...

If there is any ONE thing i will say... Don't expect fair mod's or a constant stream of smart discussion's on this site. That's a damn promise.

User Info: GGooDD

3 years ago#24
because this isnt real world where opinion < fact, instead its opinion > fact,
people care about grammar some reason, like its disrespectful to not use a comma, or whatevs.

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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

3 years ago#25
Tentanman posted...
I see all these topics and rude comments and it just makes me angry. People buy a system and just waste time here ranting about the other like they need some sort of self justification for their purchase. That Xbox live topic made me sick.

I bought both consoles. I have both services. I've even got a Wii U. I enjoy video games and multiple companies are natural. Without the competition some really great games and exclusives would have never been funded and made so I don't understand why you would want another console to die and talk down another persons purchase.

I want to slap some posters here, seriously. Maybe it's because the sales, but I've noticed it for awhile some PlayStation fanboys are AGGRESIVE. Xbox can be just as bad. Working at a retail store for video games I get the question all the time for which system is better and 9 times out of 10 the person who gets offended when I don't say what they want is a PlayStation owner.

Both systems are fun and both services are good. Let everyone be happy as we all enjoy the same hobby. I'll be doing the same thing I always do and prefer, and play my single player games on PlayStation and my multipayer games on Xbox.

That's how nerds act.
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