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User Info: slyman19

3 years ago#51
Shinobi120 posted...
slyman19 posted...
Shinobi120 posted...
slyman19 posted...
If both lists are true, Microsoft has E3 in the bag.


Care to explain why Sony's list is better instead of just acting stupid?

The list that Microsoft has is very predictable. Halo, Forza, Gears, another Kinect title, Ryse (again?), etc.

Sony at least has new IP's.

Yeah like God of War, Uncharted, a port of GT6, another Syphon Filter, Wipeout, Heavenly Sword 2, and inFAMOUS DLC. Sony is just as bad as MS with the sequels.

User Info: MistahApplez

3 years ago#52
Pretty okay List, Sony's leak was better but you can't sit there and act like Xbox won't have some sick games to unveil at E3.

Ryse 2 moving into Medieval territory actually sounds awesome.
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User Info: blitz_0623

3 years ago#53
Sony's list is better IMO, but I expect both lists to be very inaccurate
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User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#54
MonicasBack posted...
Its kind of bad when a 10 year old remake is better than the entirety of your competitors list.

This except not really halo2 was one of the best shooters of all time
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User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#55
Enigma149 posted...
TC, why did you cut some of the stuff from the list?
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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#56
Yea. there is no way this is true.
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User Info: Hvv0l24n9

3 years ago#57
How the hell is Sony's list better? I demand to know. If anything they seem about equal.

And that depends on what the new IPs from both sides look like.
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User Info: TauriLeader

3 years ago#58
Where is the indie stuff? You don't do a 180 and cobble together a new policy and not show off the games at the biggest gaming event of the year.
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User Info: BoomerHelll

3 years ago#59
I think we are forgetting the most important thing, FALLOUT 4

User Info: mattglosbcfc

3 years ago#60
Wasnt impressed at all until I saw the full list.
the Games with gold and new Gears is all that interests me.

Halo 5? zzzzz
Forza Horizon 2? Id rather has a full Forza game to make up for the incomplete Forza 5 then the arcadey american Horizon.
Perfect Dark? Really???? After how **** the last one was? Made me lose all interest.
Crackdown 3? No thanks.
And a remake of Halo 2. Woweee.

Lets hope the new games look good, cus underwhelmed.
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