Your INSTA-NOPE games.

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User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#31
The only one that I can think of on this console was Crimson Dragon. I was a huge fan of the Panzer Dragoon series, but in Crimson Dragoon with no way to go back to the one analog flight/aim setup that I was already familiar with in these kinds of games. It killed all of my interest in the game, and I never went back to it after only playing it once.

User Info: tallerfreak

3 years ago#32
Bullet Witch..... Luckily it was on sale and I only paid $15 bucks. Should of known from the price. "Sad Face"

User Info: hoggys2much99

3 years ago#33
Two spring to mind. Powerstone on Dreamcast and Assassin's Creed 1.

I bought Powerstone after this games magazine in the UK kept raving on about it and saying it was better than Soul Calibur. Nope. It had terrible graphics, controls, gameplay the lot. I played it for about 45 - 60 minutes before scraping it. I bought the game on a Tuesday and it was back in the shop on the Wednesday.

I had seen my brother play AC1 and thought it looked alright so I borrowed it from him. I wish I hadn't bothered. The second it introduced me to The Annimus (or whatever it is called I don't care) and I heard the premise that some crap bartender thought he was an Assassin in a previous life and the Human Genome has memory made me totally cringe and set alarm bells ringing. But I stuck it out for 3 hours (1 1/2 hours of gameplay time if you don't count the unskippable cutscenes) before I ripped that garbage out of my 360 in disgust before throwing it back on to my brothers bed.

User Info: daniel79

3 years ago#34
Hitman Absolution. Awful.

Finding out you 'Need' Live Gold for Spartan op's on Halo 4. Awful, truly awful.

Xcom on the 360. After the fifth lock up I knew it stunk. That was before the patches. Not a bad game but knowing that in a few years Microsoft won't let us download the patch in the future just killed it for me. I collect games and knowing this game would suffer such a problem in time just stinks.

Droids (C64)

That crap Star Wars game that was on rails. Can't remember the name but it was god awful..

User Info: mjc0961

3 years ago#35
SythisTaru posted...
darealest47 posted...
Rage. Most snore inducing game I ever played.

It still has probably the best A.I. in a game since F.E.A.R. , dunno how that could be so boring.

Because it doesn't have good AI at all, unless you consider letting me put a back to a corner while enemies blindly run up to me so I can blast them in the face with my shotgun to be good AI. I sure don't. RAGE was trash, and its ending was the insta-NOPE icing on the NOPE cake of me ever playing a sequel.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

3 years ago#36
Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 and Nightcaster for the regular Xbox. Good god, Last Remnant had interesting enough lore and all, but the battle system sucked. That alone ruined any chance I might have had at enjoying the game. Some people liked it and I went back and tried to desperately give it another shot, but I just couldn't. That game sucked monstrously. Even what I saw of the plot was terrible and a waste of the lore's potential.

I struggled through it and got to a big boss fight thing where you have to help an entire army fight some huge musclebound ape, some really fast chick, and their henchmen, which shouldn't have been that hard, considering how many of us there were, but inexplicably, this muscle-guy and his speedy girlfriend completely slaughtered the whole army, despite their henchmen going down as easily as any other enemy. I thought it was one of those fights you were SUPPOSED to lose, but it just turned out to be that obfuscatingly difficult boss fight you have to grind for hours on end to have a chance of advancing the plot. I didn't like the game enough to do that.

Same with Nightcaster. That game was a huge failure on all levels, though, honestly. The plot sucked, the combat was terrible, and the audio would cut out before the end on all dialogue. It was very poorly made, and I kind of hated it. I barely got through the first two levels before I stacked it up with Last Remnant as games to sell to a pawn shop or something. Some really bad games.

Red Faction on PS2 was another terrible game that sucked out the gate. It was an FPS game that suggested you could pretty much resolve all situations with explosives, and instead gave you a linear story with very few opportunities in which explosives would be a good idea. If it hadn't been so short that I managed to beat it in one gaming session, I would never have picked it back up the next day, and it would have been left unfinished. As it is, it's one more POS game I've sold.

And Darkwatch. Darkwatch sounded interesting. Vampire cowboy going around kicking serious ass. Sounds awesome, right? Yeah, but it's a generic FPS with a really poor plot. Muscled through the game and gave it to a friend who was interested in renting it, told him to keep it.
Your mind is racing.

User Info: BlueEye0

3 years ago#37
Digimon World 4. Such a piece of trash. I tried multiple times to get into it but it is just a horrible horrible game.
To a lesser extent, Dragon Age Origins. The combat system is just SO dull and the environments are also super dull. The characters and conversation and story is interesting. This would have been better as a book or something.
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User Info: nableet

3 years ago#38
Fable 3 - played for 10 minutes or so and just could not get in to it at all. GwG though so free!

Sleeping dogs - played an hour or so, just got bored. Also free.

Ass creed revolution - same old, same old. Played an hour and just gave up.
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User Info: Joseponypants

3 years ago#39
Assassin's Creed 4
I started disliking the series at 3 so it was admittedly my fault, but still.
OBJECTION! This topic clearly sucks!
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User Info: dotsgalore218

3 years ago#40
At the moment its Thief.

Played the first stage and wasn't keen on any more. I might finish it one day.
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