RUMOR: Microsofts e3 plans

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User Info: MotionMan25

3 years ago#1

Ryse 2 is in development and will be announced at the show in a real-time in-game trailer. Gone is the Roman period, enter the medieval setting. The game will offer more freedom of exploration and a refined combat system. The main character is a sell-sword of sorts with a greater destiny. This game looks beyond belief. No release date (possibly late 2016)

Forza Horizon 2 will be announced for release in October 2014 vai Playground Games. It will once again be open world and set in Louisiana, Missisips, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas. Full day/night cycle, real time weather. Estimated 80 hour single player.

343 Industries will unveil Halo 2: Anniversary. This is a full (multiplayer included) visual makeover of Halo 2, it will also include the same options as Halo Anniversary (Including both visual modes) skulls etc. It will include the E3 2003 mission as a bonus unlockable and the maps from the PC version.

No Turn 10 this year except in supportive capacity of Playground.

Halo 5 will get its release date.

Rare is prepping a re-boot of Battletoads and Perfect Dark. BT will initially be a download only title (see Killer Instinct) and is set to run at 60fps. Perfect Dark is looking to be rebooted into a Third Person Adventure game – Similar to Uncharted.

Epic will be there to unveil their new game base on the Samaritan demo from 2012. This will be XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE as Microsoft is the publisher. Possibly the best looking game of this generation.

Good Science Studios will unveil their Kinect Only game “EchoBlack” – The game is controlled via the use of Kinect and the player plots through an adventure game drawn as by echolocation. The vibrancy of the world depicted alters depending on the pitch, loudness and location of the players voice. No release date.

Twisted Pixel will reveal their next digital game which is set in a sci-fantasy planet of Dekelsus. Possibly a 2.5D platformer.

lack Tusk will have a CGI trailer for Gears of War : Lazurus which will show the direction the series is heading.

Lift London will be showing 2 projects. They are small and digital based. No other details unfortunately.
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User Info: MotionMan25

3 years ago#2
Lionhead will have a brief gameplay of Fable Legends and bow out with a teaser of their next project which is set in a post-cataclysmic Earth decimated by egg shaped objects (possibly aliens)

Frontier Development is working on a family friendly Kinect title for release in 2014

Phantom Dust : Sacrifice is being worked on by Grounding Inc and will be a prequel to the original. The game will be episodic in nature.

Quantum Break will be out November 2014 – There is a multiplayer mode – Part 1 of a trilogy. The game has had a significant graphical upgrade since last year.

Sunset Overdrive is aiming for release on the last weeks of August/Early September. Graphically it looks like the CG trailer and the Parkour element of the game is a mix of Sonic, Jet Set Radio and Ratchet and Clank.

The secret Japanese game is coming from Platinum Games and is a Viewtiful Joe like action- beat em up. Codename is “RugPuddle”. This is part one of a multiple game deal with Microsoft to publish other titles in the future.

Leap Experience Pioneers will announce their game which looks like a TPS/RPG hybrid set in a Sci-fi universe. Looks very Mass Effect inspired. COMING 2015

Platform Next Games is a new studio. They will be presenting an unnamed tech demo based on an upcoming project (similar to Black Tusks demo last year) which appears to be set in either an ancient or fantasy setting.

Games With Gold will be announced for Xbox One starting immediately. The aim is that it will be 1 retail game a month, 1 digital game per month of a choice of 2. This will evolve as time goes on.

Microsoft will announce the date when retail units can be activated as development kits, it will be before
October 2014.

Crackdown: Skyline – Coming 2015 – No other info, not even the developer. Microsoft Studios.

Multi-platforms are as follows:
The Division (Xbox One is now lead platform)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Fallout 4
EA game (not specified here)
Exclusive/Timed DLC on all.

I know this is just rumors and could be mostly fake but if this was true its safe to say that this would be UNREAL.
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User Info: MotionMan25

3 years ago#3
Note: Link has a link for sony E3 rumors for those interested.
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User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#4
So, the issue I have with the "leaked" lists (both Microsoft and Sony) is that the people who create these rumors don't go through any trouble make it really believable.

Look at the Sony list... it claims it will be showing/announcing at least 10 new games on stage, and eight publishers will be on stage to show off new things. Way too much content for the timeslice, but no one ever seems to bring that up.

The Microsoft list tries to make itself more believable with some safe bets (Ryse 2, Forza Horizon 2, Halo Anniversary 2), but then throws crazy speculation alongside (Battletoads, 3rd person Perfect Dark) and again too much content.

Want to know why none of these lists are real? Except for a brief mentioning of Call of Duty being shown during the Microsoft event, no list talks about games that we already know about...

E3 is of course the time to announce new games, but do you really think none of the known games will be shown? Why aren't the following games on any list:

-Assassin's Creed V
-Witcher 3
-Dying Light
-Metal Gear Solid V
-Batman Arkham Knight

We have been shown very little in ways of gameplay of those games. I would be shocked if they didn't get on-stage demos at the event. I mean, it's almost a certainty Destiny will be shown off during Sony's event, right? But never put on any list...
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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#5
i think both consoles are looking good if all of this is true.

games change everything.
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#6
These leaks have turned out true numerous times. This one has great detail. I'm hoping it's true and then some.
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User Info: MotionMan25

3 years ago#7
some of the games you mentioned that arnt on the list will most likely be shown during publishers conferences or the sony conference. and each game dosent need a on stage demo alot of that list is either an announcement or a trailer. taking like 1-3 mins etc so i dont think time would be to much of an issue.
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User Info: MotionMan25

3 years ago#8
... assuming any of those rumors are real, that is.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#9
Maybe Ryse 2 won't suck.
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User Info: Anakerie

3 years ago#10
They seriously need to announce the next Meconium Warriors. The best FPS ever! My friends and I used to get together all the time and play it for hours. Come on, MS. Indulge my nostalgia.
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