Watch Dogs (Digital) or Save for Something Else?

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User Info: 0PTICS

3 years ago#1
OK, so I'll have $60 of credit (earned from a bunch of rewards) by the time Watch Dogs comes out. If you were in my position, would you spend the $60 on Watch Dogs or use it for something else like "XBLA only" games or a different upcoming game? You can argue the whole digital vs physical, but I'm pretty sure I can't use my credit to buy a physical game.

There are no "XBLA only" games I have interest in and after Watch Dogs, the next game I have some interest in is Destiny.

User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#2
Nothing else is really coming out until later. So I would just get it u less watch dogs doesn't interest you at all.

User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#3
Get WD, it will provide a lot of bang for your gaming buck.
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#4
Might as well get Watch Dogs.
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