Will you buy an Xbox One after the Kinectless announcement?

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User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#1
Will you buy an Xbox One now? - Results (155 votes)
I already have one.
23.23% (36 votes)
13.55% (21 votes)
Not until its cheaper or *Insert whatever here*
20.65% (32 votes)
36.77% (57 votes)
Other - Explain
5.81% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Will you buy an Xbox One now? Feel free to say why or why not below. Thanks!
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User Info: Enigma149

3 years ago#2
Yes, I will buy one after the Kinectless announcement...but I'm buying the SKU with Kinect.

What I was waiting for was the end of the paywall, which has happened, though I'm still going to wait for E3.
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User Info: PokemonYoutube

3 years ago#3
Not until it gets more exclusives that I care about. Dead Rising 3 is the only one that I want to play, and I can totally see Capcom releasing an updated version a la Dead Rising 2: Off the Record that'll be multiplatform.
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User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#4
No, it's not worth the same price as a ps4.

Lower again and i'll rethink it.
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User Info: Muryo

3 years ago#5
Wait for e3.............
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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#6
yep at some point, but by that time it might be even cheaper.
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User Info: Shankis

3 years ago#7
Nope, I currently don't see any reason to own one. And if there ever is something I'm interested in, I'd just play it on my brother's instead of buying a console of my own.
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User Info: AceAndJunpei

3 years ago#8
Already have one.

I'm happier with my $450 bundle with Kinect and a free Forza then Id have been with a $399
Model without either.

Oh, I forgot; according to our resident genius Skynet, I don't own an Xbox One at all:(
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#9
It's now a weaker PS4 and needs to be priced as such. It's an exclusives only type console like the Wii-U and the Wii-U exclusives crush XBOX ONEs.

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User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#10
Probably in a couple years. Likely will get a Wii U first though as the PS4 and Xbone have such similar libraries.
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