The XBONE with Kinect - Stick or Twist?

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User Info: WACCOE

3 years ago#1
Don't know what anyone else is like, but this is now the main question for me. I'm very happy with my XBONE and will keep one, but the question is now whether to keep the version I have with Kinect or trade it in for the kinectless version?

While I like the console as it is and the features the Kinect currently provides, if the console is being released without Kinect, then games and apps won't have the same Kinect functionality as the Xbox with Kinect, meaning if we can't get the full amount out of Kinect, is it worth keeping it? Tough one..
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User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#2
Wait awhile, they might just come out with a revision of the xboxone with better hardware if these fails to help.
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