Kinect-less Xbox is great and all, but did it now lose features?

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User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#21
They could also allow voice commands through a mic, similar to what the PS4 does. Considering that the options for voice control are generally better on the X1, a mic could help to mitigate some of the issues with Kinect voice controls due to more focused voice detection.
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User Info: uniquebadger

3 years ago#22
I see no reason the commands can't be integrated into a normal headset

User Info: SparkItUp

3 years ago#23
blacklabelice posted...
SparkItUp posted...
diablo7238 posted...
Grant it I didn't really want kinect, but after playing on a Xbox my roommate has (I have ps4) it's really not as bad people say it is.

Now without kinect... Do we lose SNAP feature? Record That feature? All those little features you can do with voice? Or is there gonna be an option to do this manually? If also done manually have well would it be done? It might seem nice and all at $400, but if these features are basically gone (only can do it with kinect) it seems like it's not worth it to get the $400 model.


Easy solution, get one with Kinect....problem solved /topic

or save yourself the money and buy the ps4 right?. even that uses voice commands through whatever $2 headset you plug in

just saying. all kinect is is a $100 camera and a microphone. why would the bone require that specific device just for it to be able to use voice commands? why couldnt you just use your own headset or whatever?

or is there some magical software from fantasyland built into the kinect microphone to be able to recognize your voice and utilize voice commands, but not installed on the actual console operating system itself? Last i checked, my turtle beaches can transmit voice as well perfectly fine without kinect plugged in. other people on the other side of the planet can hear me just fine. im sure my xbox could too.

id really like to know just why people try to defend this with "Herrp. If you still want voice commands Just go buy the $100 kinect. Durrrp." Is it because they are total M$ fanboys and swing all over their nuts like tarzan, or is it because they really have no interest at all in kinect and are rather bitter that they just dumped a nice wad of money down the other day on their console only to find out they could have saved another $100 if they waited just a little bit longer before pulling the trigger?

simple question met with snark replies. thats how it goes around here. up until i plugged in my headset, i wasnt aware that the xbone required a $100 device in order for you to transmit your voice. but thank you for clearing this up people, as i was also wondering just the same thing.

it makes no sense to just limit voice commands to only be used by the almighty infinite power of the kinect microphone, but on the other end of the spectrum, from a business perspective it makes perfect sense to want to restrict this feature to only kinect. i mean considering there aint no kinect games out there, and now youll be selling the device seperately, you gotta find some kind of cheesy poof way to make people feel the need to go and buy it right?

we'll see what happens. if they dont allow regular voice commands over headset and enough people make a stink about it and the sales are low, maybe theyll do another 180 on that too right? who knows.

I think you read way to much into what I said. Slow down there Highspeed and take a breath...Everything is going to be okay. So what exactly makes me a fanboy for suggesting they get an XB1 w/ Kinect if they want the features that it used? Hell I don't even have an XB1 (although I do plan to get one now that Kinect has been dropped) to sit next to my preferred console.

Just calm down and breathe deep, everything is going to be okay.

User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#24
X_F_L_A_W_X posted...

You can retroactively record by going into the Upload app. You can choose anywhere from the past 30 seconds up to the past 5 minutes of gameplay to be recorded; more versatility than using the Kinect, actually.

I did not know this. Thanks for the info.
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