Now all Microsoft has to do is...

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User Info: VoidBeyond

3 years ago#11
gala12 posted...
hak145 posted...
upgrade the xbox one hardware. They it would have reached PERFECT ps4 parity and as a result the complaints would die.

And how do you suppose will they be able to achieve this whitout you know... pissing off ooohh right around 5,000,000 loyal early adopters?

and has anyone forgotten that it's not the hardware? history can show you...

lets take a little history stroll shall we? we it came to power

Sega Master System>Nintendo Entertainment System
Nec TuboExpress>Sega Game Gear>Nintendo GameBoy
Nec TurboGrafx16>Sega Genesis=Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64>Playstaiton
Xbox>Nintendo Gamecube>Playstation 2
Playstation 3>Xbox 360>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nintendo Wii

So based on that list it is clear that the more powerful console ALWAYS wins no?

I was told that past gens don't matter. So apparently, none of what you just typed counts because the PS4 is slightly stronger than the X1
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#12
VoidBeyond posted...
Golden Maven posted...
Yes, and split the userbase, as if the PS4 is all that more powerful anyway.

Of course it is! Haven't you seen what everyone is saying? The One is the weakest console ever and PS4 is literally a gift from god itself. With PS4 you every single game is 1080p60fps! Anything less and everyone would know, they can count each individual pixel. Meanwhile the X1 is barely pushing 480p15fps.

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