All the negativity, yet Xbox has better games than PS4

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User Info: Tajaz2426

3 years ago#31
FerdMertz posted...
Tajaz2426 posted...
FerdMertz posted...
Tajaz2426 posted...
Why do you post nonsense that draws trolls in. If the One had better games that people wanted it wouldn't be getting out sold in every country it's in.

Why even do that, now they will come in droves. Your also talking crap when your own company had to make a whole different model and drop what was said to be the life of the console, because it was so far behind in sales. Leave it be and enjoy your games.

I don't have a company. I own all three systems. I just think all the negativity is down right ridiculous.

So do must of us, bud. It makes it that much more difficult to fight when more and more people are doing what your doing, though.

I don't see why you're trying to guilt trip me when every single thread is something bad about Microsoft. This game has a better resolution on PS4, that game has higher FPS on PS4. It's every thread.

I was simply pointing out that the X1 has one rather important redeeming quality.

I'm not guilting you into anything, you want to start topics as flame bait, ill call you out. I have no problem with that at all. Take a long at your own people on this board also and the topics they make.

Both sides do it, I'll just call you out with them. I can't stand trollers and folks who make inflammatory topics on purpose. It makes you look like a youth that says, "he did it momma, so I can".

Have a good evening.
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User Info: Izraeil

3 years ago#33
I believe that truth always prevails when all is said and done.
We witnessed it last gen when PS3 overtook the 360 in sales despite all the negativity around its release due to its superior gaming library.
I have faith that the console with the better games will prevail once again this gen.

User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#34
BaronVladz posted...
Both consoles have great exclusives, it comes down to personal preference

Xbox One:
Forza 5
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Fable Legends
Gears of War
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break

Infamous SS
Dynasty Warriors 8
Guilty Gear Xrd
MLB 14
The Last of Us Remastered
The Order: 1886
Shadow of the Beast

The only legit post in this thread
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#36
pblimp360 posted...
Joe_Arpaio posted...
Did TC seriously list Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Titanfall?.... with a straight face?

Ryse is debatable, but are you gonna sit here and claim DR3 and Titanfall aren't great games with a straight face?

If it was out for the PS4 you'd be buying it too. GTFOH

i am very disappointed in titanfall. especially with all of the hype they threw into it. it feels totally lacking in content. oh after a month. whatever theres some more dlc coming out. $10 for 3 maps. here in canada theyll probably charge me $20 for it. just shut up and take my money. maybe thatll keep me interested for another few days anyways so i dont have to write this game off just yet completely

thats just my opinion. could have bought it for my 360 but i was so hurting for a new game to play on my bone. after not even two weeks i got pretty damn bored of it.

User Info: bapelv

3 years ago#37
Better games? I disagree I don't like dead rising,Titanfall.Gears of War, and halo. What you just said is a opinion and if the X1 had better games it would be outselling the PS4 right now. It comes down who likes what I was originally 360 and I like PS3 exclusives more so I moved to PS4.
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User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#38
some people think 720p is better than 1080p

mmmkayyyy. lol
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User Info: KainFourteh

3 years ago#39
Ps4 has more exclusives and more great games to come. The multiplat games are all better on ps4 as well. The only game worth a damn is titanfall and that's available on PC, so when you think about it the Xbox has almost nothing gaming wise.

Just ignore pblimp as well, known troll and Xbox fanboy that makes up crap to make his lord and saviour m$ look less like idiots.

User Info: elchris79

3 years ago#40
Topics like this make me a wee bit happy. They reinforce my opinion that stupid children are stupid children, no matter which console they own.
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