About MS dropping the Xbox One price tag to $400, and all who are upset about it

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User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

3 years ago#1
It's a next gen console, with hardware that shows it. Sure, it's not as powerful as the PS4, and it's priced the same, but Microsoft is a company, and when their competitors are making money off a $400 price tag, and the majority of casual gamers who pick up either system aren't going to pay attention to the differences, Microsoft can get away with things like this, and continue what they've been doing. Will the PS4 continue to outsell the Xbox One? Probably, but for the average gaming consumer, they don't pay attention or care who or what sells more when both do the same thing, and that's playing games. It becomes a matter of preference with exclusives and personal opinions.

If you've been an Xbox gamer from the beginning, and the Xbox One is the same price as the PS4, odds are you going to spend your money on the Xbox One versus the PS4, and the same in vice versus for Playstation gamers who have been primarily PS players from the start.

The price now just evens the playing field for the average gamer, who cares only about playing games, not for all the added bells and whistles or graphics that look better or worse, when compared to last gen, everything on both Xbox One and PS4 look better. Some not by much, but better regardless. That's what you're paying for with next gen consoles. Better machines, that are both better than their predecessors, graphically, hardware, design, etc.

The value only matters to the smaller percentage of players who would rather debate and argue about them all day instead of playing the games they paid $400+ on a console for.

I understand that many of us paid for a console that does more than just play games, but when you argue about it, you have to remember that we're only a small percentage of the actual consumers that spend money on these consoles. A lot of us are purists, and for those who are, congrats, you're passionate about your game consoles and pumped up to debate what yours can do over others, but in the gran scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

Both consoles do what they're advertised to do, and that's play games. The extra stuff with apps and such are just a bonus for the few of us who actually use it.
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  3. About MS dropping the Xbox One price tag to $400, and all who are upset about it

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