How likely is 1080p for the Xbox one in the future?

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User Info: ilovecarebears

3 years ago#21
1080 Is Always Possible When tHe Games Aren't Pushing The System. IM Surprised Titan Fall Wasn't. No Matter What ThougH PS4 Has More Potential. Its Just Stronger.

User Info: xHughJasx

3 years ago#22
Why do people continue to think that as we go further into this generation, resolution won't increase.

It most Definately will. As will graphics. Much like every console generation.
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User Info: iamdanthaman

3 years ago#23
All else being equal, the PS4 will always have the higher resolution. It's just a more powerful system. Freeing up resources from kinect will help a little, as will optimizing usage of the esram(which is really the only thing that may help from DX12). At best they may cut the graphical deficit in half, but it will not close completely.

What you need to ask yourself is will you really be able to tell the difference between 1080p and, say, 960p? Will those extra 120 lines of resolution make your gaming experience more enjoyable? If not, you should instead make your decision based on which system has the exclusives you want to play.

If, however, resolution does matter more to you than games, I would suggest that you take a long, hard look in the mirror, and maybe take a break from games for a while to reconsider your priorities.
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User Info: McCartneyMartin

3 years ago#24
Wolfenstien is 1080p.

User Info: googler

3 years ago#25
NCPwn posted...
Wii-U has as more 1080p games than the xbox in my opinion. This is based on games I want.

It has like 3 or 4 games at 1080p as far as I'm aware of - one of them multiplat and the rest of which are much simpler than anything on PS4 and 360 so what's to brag about?
In any case, I doubt there will be many on either system since visual effects and framerate will always have more importance but I'd definitely expect Xbone to have way fewer
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