What Do You Want To See From Microsoft At E3?

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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#1
Hey folks, I'm really excited for MS' E3 this year as I expect to hear/see nothing but amazing games showcased at the expo now that they've got a good chunk of major news concerning the hardware and policies out of the way. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

I'd like to see what you guys would like to see announced from them concerning games and pricing, etc.

I have a few thoughts...

1. I'm hoping that "leaked" list of games rumored is fairly true. If even more than a few are it'll be big imho. From the list, I'm really hoping for Battletoads and Perfect Dark (in third person) and Crackdown: Skyline to make it of course with amazing visuals and great trailers or gameplay.

2. We all know one thing certain from the leaked list to be true is the GwG announcement. I'm hoping beyond that MS unveils plans for the near future in a new streaming service, behind the Gold paywall of course, for 360 games to be playable on the X1 much like Sony's "Playstation Now" which includes full retail titles and arcade titles.

3. New exclusives and surprise announcements from high profile developers (like, Volition, Valve, Epic, BioWare) for both the controller based games and Kinect. I'm hoping they give people a reason to want the Kinect going forward after the most recent changes.

4. New Indie games for the arcade and a more distinct change in the interface in finding games on the X1,. They should make Indie games cross-platform from the 360 to the X1 as well imho.

I can't think of much else right now. What would you hope for at E3?
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User Info: TrickyPony

3 years ago#2
My biggest hope is they announce support for external storage. Would also like to hear more about games

User Info: MistahApplez

3 years ago#3
Enough with the fanboyism

User Info: ben10pokemon79

3 years ago#4
I would love to see Knights of the Old Republic X1, Shadowrun X1, Perfect Dark X1, Banjo-Kazooie X1 and Halo 5/Gears 4 details.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#5
Lots of exclusive retail games, including a turn-based JRPG.
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#6
Interesting and exciting games.
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User Info: grampamurked

3 years ago#7
ANYTHING but more stupid indie games
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User Info: Pumpedu

3 years ago#8

User Info: GladiatorDanger

3 years ago#9
Heh if that list is true then I am more interested in seeing if Fallout 4 is announced.

As for what I would like to see from Microsoft at this year's E3? I am not picky, so long as it is something that induces rage among Xbox fans it should be interesting to watch.

User Info: RaRitsujun

3 years ago#10
Games. The TVb0x desperately need them.
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