Analyst: Xbox One Sales Will Surpass PS4's in US

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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#21
Dev445 posted...
CaIiber345 posted...
Dev445 posted...
XD don't be mad at me. I'm just the poster. I'm playing Super Time Force right now and took a little break and got on youtube at IGN's channel.

Its what I usually do though, I post XB1 news on the XB1 board

Yet it's never anything neutral or negative. It's always something positive. That's not reality. Post something negative for once. The next time Xbox One is in a bad light, post that as well.

Like I said I don't make the news. MS has been on the up and up lately. I get all my news from Gameinformer and IGN and they have nothing negative to say right now.

Sony on the other hand well you know.

Maybe you missed my previous reply but just so you know these analysts are the same ones who made this lol-worthy prediction last gen:

User Info: orestes1981

3 years ago#22
Let me get this straight, a company that keeps changing their gameplan, and they are dishonest to the costumers is somehow going to sell more consoles than Sony? Sony has been pretty consistent with their message since day 1.

This analyst is paid to guess. The bigger and more outrageous the guess, the more news he will bring. That will bring him more money. This is clearly publicity.
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-Bill Maher

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#23
Remember this going forward guys. For everyone who only posts negative news, you MUST post positive news when you see it too. If Dev has to be fair, we all have to be fair.
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User Info: USF

3 years ago#24
LooksLikeRain posted...
The only reason MS isn't winning right now is because people love the Xbox 360, and are still satisfied with it. On the other hand, PS3 owners couldn't wait to switch to something else. Had the 360 been as terrible as the PS3, the sales gap would be much smaller.

Hahahaha you actually buy that PR ****? If anything PS3 users have less reason to upgrade since they still have games coming out for their console, when was the last decent MS exclusive to come out on 360? 4 years ago?
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