What MS really should do with Kinect

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User Info: universaldave

3 years ago#1
I had an "ah-ha" moment this morning when I realized what MS really could have done with Kinect... and still could do. They should build an inexpensive (relatively) game/learning system for kids. It could focus on games and learning software that would be a teaching tool, an aid to developing coordination and other physical skills, as well as fun interactive games like they already had with Kinectimals and the like.

Make it at a good price-point and market it towards parents with small children and I think you have a winner. I should work for MS!
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User Info: SiriusSternFan

3 years ago#2
Kids and their needs are overrated. And the LAST thing a kid needs is to be looking at a screen all day.

Kids needs fresh air, not more screen time.
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