How much store credit does Gamestop give for Kinect 2.0?

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User Info: Idontlikejokes

3 years ago#1
I think its time to abandon ship with kinect, its neat but some people claim it hogs some gpu. and now that they are done bundling them the future of it looks bad.

Anyways does gamestop even take the kinect 2.0?

Also any reason to hold on to it?
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User Info: AwayFromHere

3 years ago#2
As of now, they don't take it.
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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#3
I'm trading my kinect in the day I hear GameStop will take it. I assume one the non kinects come out GameStop will give you 20dollars maybe for it in don't care if I get 5 bucks I will totally trade it in.

User Info: Sevi_ney

3 years ago#4
AwayFromHere posted...
As of now, they don't take it.

I've underestimated them then.

User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#5
Seems like nobody wants Kinect...
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#6
what kind of queston is that?

dont go to gamestop. unless you want to trade it for in store credit for like a game or something

if you want cash, youll probably get the typical gamestop ripoff. like $10 -$15. $20 tops would be my assumption, and thats if they are being extremely generous. how far is that going to go?

sell it elsewhere if you ever hope to see an amount anywhere near what its worth. gamestop is a blatant ripoff and avold bringing anything to them. they make their money from screwing people.

id rather just keep the thing rather than deal with gamestop. if youre so hurting that you need the extra little bit of pocket change enough to dispose of a $100 device for next to nothing, get a better job or manage your money better.

sell that crap on ebay or something if youre that hurting. at least you would probably get more.
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  3. How much store credit does Gamestop give for Kinect 2.0?

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