Titanfall not outsold by Infamous

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User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#51
InjusticeReborn posted...
UtterMoon posted...

Comparing the sales Titanfall on 3 consoles...the Xbone, Xbox 360 and PC...to the sales of INfamous on one console...the PS4...I don't see how this is even in question. Of course Titanfall outsold Infamous: Second Son, but when you compare the sales of Titanfall on Xbone to InFamous on the PS4...well...Infamous outsold it.

So its just a little confusing that people are comparing number on current and last gen...when they should just be comparing numbers on current gen....but hey! You've got to get a win somehow..right?


If you want to make a fair comparison, shouldn't it be fitting to have an equal number of PS4's and XB1's in the wild?

Seeing as it is a subject constantly refreshed here, I'm surprised you guys are forgetting this factor.

"....but hey! You've got to get a win somehow..right?" ;)

While I think its silly to compare numbers...the two competing systems are the Xbone and PS4, and there would never...ever...ever be a time where both consoles would have the same number of users. So by your logic there would never be a "fair" point to compare...

And I would hardly say that adding both the Xbox 360's numbers and PC would match the Xbone to the PS4...it pushes that number far, far beyond the PS4.

When looking at current gen. systems...Infamous outsold Titanfall, and I will add that Infamous has never been considered a..well...Titan...nor is it a system seller. It also didn't get bundled with the system, and the system itself didn't receive a slew of discounts.

The only way to "fairly" look at these numbers would be...what percent of the user base has bought the game...
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