External hard drive support coming soon!

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User Info: GalvatronType_R

3 years ago#11
I predict that Microsoft will put a limit on external hard drive storage just like they did with the 360.

Maybe around 1TB or so.

User Info: CRASS5000

3 years ago#12
EastCoastKody posted...
why isn't this bigger news.

because they told us about it a couple of months ago. Most people are already anticipating it.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#13
Just to be clear, any usb external hard drive will work right?
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User Info: hobojohnson

3 years ago#14
2ndatomisk - don't know yet nothing has been said officially. I'd hold off on buying anything until it's officially announce and we no the limitations, if there are any.
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