What do ya think will be the first XB1 Games with Gold?

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User Info: grampamurked

3 years ago#11
Yeah free games are pretty useless for most adult gamers.
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User Info: youngunner2123

3 years ago#12
kennyynnoo posted...
Dragon91978 posted...
I already have Spartan assault, Max, ps golf, Strider and peggle 2. Games with gold won't be any good for me until next year. The library of games is so small that they gotta know most people already have these free games. They should at least be working on new free content like PC ports and indie games.

Story of my life last gen, I never used ps+ or xbox gwg for free games. I just downloaded saints row 3 for free on the 360 but I doubt I will touch it.

Next months for 360 are really good

Dark Souls. Not new but better than anything before it

SF4 arcade edition (can upgrade to ultra for just $15)

Charlie murder relatively new

Best lineup since it started
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User Info: PackersXLV

3 years ago#13
Fighter Within

User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#14
zerooo0 posted...
I'm going to say it will be Ryse. I think that is the safest one to bet. Which would be great for me as I really do want to play it, but I'm a poor college student without a job:(

I think it will be Titanfall. I mean they've basically tried giving it away during march.

User Info: gdogghenrikson

3 years ago#15
PoweredMilkMan posted...
regsantotomas posted...
I thought that they had already announced it was Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault
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