Why does MS get bashed for things they're doing right?

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User Info: nb003_99

3 years ago#81
pblimp360 posted...
Tajaz2426 posted...
What is up with this victim's attitude, their fanboys from all 3 consoles. People post crap about Sony's financial and nintendo a dismal sales all the time.

Grow up, fanboys suck, but good lord you sound like a child that got bullied on the playground.

First off it's, "they're" in that context, secondly no ones playing victim, we're simply calling out ridiculous trolls when we see them and for my part, ignoring them. It's made this board much more tolerable.

You're on the Xbox One board in case you forgot. If any Xbox fan is posting about Sony's financial situation, I guarantee it's in retaliation to some Pony boy. If the Xbox fan ran over to the PS4 boards and trolled them, I'd have just as much condemnation for them.

S***** behavior, is s***** behavior. Period. Not everyone is just gonna accept that garbage.

How rosy are those glasses?
"DRM aside, all of Microsofts moves have been as intended."
- Hentaidoji

User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#82
nb003_99 posted...
How rosy are those glasses?

How terrible is your comprehension?

Any trolling is unacceptable to me. If Xbox fans were or are going over to the PS4 boards and I came across it, I'd condemn them just as much as the Ponies and Nintendo boys who flock here. Try again.
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User Info: iSkadoosh

3 years ago#83
pblimp360 posted...
I guarantee you it's a vast majority or either Sony or Nintendo fanboys trolling, TC.

They have this seething desire to disrupt and try to bring Xbox fans down and the good news upsets them. You'd think with the love they speak for gaming on their system of choice they'd actually be, you know, playing it, but nope, they come to a board for a system they hate/dislike and post negative s*** all day.

I honestly do not get it.

User Name pblimp360
Active Messages Posted 477

477 posts defending a plastic box yet calls sony and nintendo fans out for having nothing better to do. I guess titanfall didn't entertain you for as long as you had hoped?
Not upset at all, just annoyed that there's absolutely no point in people like you to be on these boards other than to troll your little hearts out. - triple s

User Info: JonicArc

3 years ago#84
GD it all, how many shills are in this topic?!?!

MS ****'ed up. Plain & simple.
The other consoles are cheap evil money loving bastards too.
But they're less obvious about it.

It's like asking who's worse between Republicans & Democrats? They're both evil, just one is more obvious about it.

Too **** with it:
Vote independent & also buy a PC.
Why was another topic locked with no explanation? Did someone say something negative about a big MONEY console or game?

User Info: thisranks

3 years ago#85
Shik_stick posted...
CombaticusXY posted...
Because Pony's ride hard, and haters gonna hate..

And that is exactly why there are so many trolls here.

Anyways, i think it has a lot to do with the fact that everything they are changing, and have already changed since the reveal last year, are things that everyone from MS have said are integral to the system and can't just be switched off or changed. It's just MS trying to cover their behinds for screwing up so badly in the first place.

Also, a lot of people feel like they got screwed by getting the system before this change(whether they really wanted/like Kinect or not) because they were told by MS that Xbox One will ALWAYS come with Kinect.

Those are the two big reasons i think.

And what about the Xbox trolls on those systems forums? If you've been on Gamefaqs for any amount of time and you still don't comprehend open forum + anonymity + ability to say almost anything = freedom to do whatever.
Delusions are as necessary to happiness as realities.
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User Info: pobbes

3 years ago#86
how come MS was praised for doing everything wrong?

User Info: Rhynomar

3 years ago#87
I don't think people are so upset with the changes that don't currently own an x1.. And I'm sure a good percentage that do own it are fine..

However it is always a slap to the face of a consumer when less than 6 months into the life span there are drastic hardware changes, bundled price reductions and a large price drop (100$ is significant especially since it all but puts the nail in the coffin for the kinect which was now a useless bundled purchase for a lot of the 5-6 million people who purchased the system already).

Nintendo got the same lashing when they came out with the 3ds and then made a crazy price drop months after..

This is normal reaction, and rightfully so. Consumers were basically lied to so that they could purchase a product that would be changing in a couple months. Do you blame Microsoft? No, they are a business, why would they sabotage themselves. However, it still sucks that some people will feel like they got taken advantage of with promises of no significant price drops, kinect always needed with great support for it, and a number of other 180s that have been made.

With that being said. 399$ a good price point. Gold replicating ps+ also great move, getting rid of kinect? Probably smart.. Truth be told, has been nothing but inconsistent for me.. Only nice part is it signs me in when I walk in front of it.. Guess what though.. My ps4 already has me signed in when I turn it on.. So not a necessary function of the kinect..

X1 making good moves, but their stances and comments prior to these moves makes them sound like hypocrites.. Just like every other company that does this
Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#88
When you botch something as badly as they did thats just the position you're in for a while.
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User Info: thisranks

3 years ago#89
To continue my previous post ... how do you know some of those trolls aren't Xbox people on other alt accounts purposely stirring up crap just for s**** and giggles? Don't fool yourself into believing everyone is here for serious discussion.

If you spend more time on forums then you do playing games it speaks volumes about the actual worth of your opinions and it isn't on the good side.

I seriously believe too many people here have a misguided view of how Gamefaqs works. This isn't a site where you can limit discussions to the pro Xbox crowd alone. Any topic is open to any opinion. You aren't entitled to control discussions.

Well, seeing as being entitled seems to be the keyword of a good portion of posters on Gamefaqs its understandable why you want it your way. Sadly this isn't Burger King.

I doubt many will understand this or ignore it ... just be warned some of us really understand how Gamefaqs works. If you consider every difference of opinion trolling you aren't much better than them.
Delusions are as necessary to happiness as realities.
Yuki Nagato, Mafuyu Oribe, Kurumu Korono, Yui Kotogawa, Kaori Kanzaki, and Himari Noihara FTW

User Info: rEaPeR_2k4

3 years ago#90
CombaticusXY posted...
Because Pony's ride hard, and haters gonna hate..

"Stealing cable is a victimless crime...Like punching someone in the dark." GT:bEg 4 m3Rcy
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