Why does MS get bashed for things they're doing right?

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User Info: rEaPeR_2k4

3 years ago#91
pblimp360 posted...
I guarantee you it's a vast majority or either Sony or Nintendo fanboys trolling, TC.

They have this seething desire to disrupt and try to bring Xbox fans down and the good news upsets them. You'd think with the love they speak for gaming on their system of choice they'd actually be, you know, playing it, but nope, they come to a board for a system they hate/dislike and post negative s*** all day.

I honestly do not get it.

This too
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User Info: DavCube

3 years ago#92
I think #DealWithIt sums it all up.

While Sony DID have some other plans, they gauge things. They test the market. When they DO fail, they pull their failure out as quickly as possible. They try to cater the best.

With last E3 they were basically like "This is what you're getting, it's not going to change, and you're going to like it because we're TELLING you to like it, because **** you."

It's not that they're getting bashed for now doing the right things, it's that forgiveness for such things is not an instantaneous switch, just as it is in personal relationships. They shoved Kinect down the throats of its consumers for four years with such headliners as Just Dance, Dance Central, Disneyland, and Sesame Street, and NO outside developers bought into it, yet they kept going. You don't want to watch a company you like continually hurt themselves.

User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#93
Beats me. I guess people get bored of bashing on Nintendo and have to have another target. Personally, the XBone hasn't looked more appealing to me since they decided to drop the Kinect.
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User Info: JustPlainLucas

3 years ago#94
I don't know. Lying to your customers and then saying, "Uh.. hehe... just kidding!" shouldn't deserve a free pass. I have an Xbox One, but after the way it's been handled, I don't have a desire to buy another MS console again.
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User Info: KHfan67789

3 years ago#95
Because we obsess over trivial and materialistic ideals that cater to our lust for instant gratification. Gaming is like all other forms of religion, different Gods, different ideals, though nobody is ever happy. Our Bible is rewritten time and time again but nobody likes the revision and instead of doing something about it we repost the same topics over and over on a stupid forum and the outcomes are always the same.

Trolls, fanboys, and spammers alike will swarm and fight to make their voice heard. Confusing opinion for fact, spreading lies and denying truth. In truth, nobody cares. It's all for one and none for all. Our voice is our own and everyone else is wrong. We can tease, bicker, fight, and swear but the only results we'll get is when blood is shed. Until war is declared nothing will happen. Only when the first shot is literally fired will people start to listen, will the world reshape around us.The Civil War abolished slavery, World War II put an end to the Holocaust, in short, every war has drastically changed our way of living, sometimes for the worse. Nonetheless, there was a change. But the Console Wars? What war are we waging exactly? No one has been murdered for the ideals of another gamer. Nations haven't been divided between Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. There hasn't been famine gripping the stomachs of children because of nuclear fallout over a policy change. We have no generals, no armies, no weapons. We have words, and almost everyone here can't even correctly use them.

We are people, everyday people, hunched over a sweaty keyboard, pecking away at keys to form the words that will change nothing. We are casual civilians, who confidently throw around terms, protected by the glowing screen of their computer, who would otherwise cower away when faced head-on with confrontation. My words will impact none of you, my ideals will be lost on all of you, and absolutely nothing will happen. Nothing will change, and we'll still be here, throwing words around like down-filled pillows. We'll still buy the consoles. We'll still buy the games. We'll still play. And before long this topic will be buried, covered by the countless clones after it, and covering the ones it was cloned from. There is no fight here. The companies will still stand.

And no one will care.

User Info: Pox

3 years ago#96
Here's a little metaphor. MS and Sony are both in the same economics class. For the first project, MS does every single thing the professor said not to do and just seemed really stupid. Even though MS failed miserably they had a few decent ideas. Now when MS sees that Sony did well on their project, MS decides to copy Sony's project and turn it in again. Sure, MS fixed its mistakes but does that really mean anything for its final grade? No, their final grade still will never fully recover. Not only this, but now MS gave up the few decent ideas to make an inferior copy of Sony's project.
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User Info: SearchmanV16

3 years ago#97
teh1337gosu posted...
I keep hearing 180, but if Microsoft stands idly by, they're not listening. That's the definition of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Its almost as if their e3 last year will haunt them this entire cycle, it's not fair.

Simple, don't make an egregious error or two in the first place. They knowingly knew the risks of their actions and backtracked. That's like applauding a drunk driver for pleading guilty.
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User Info: pobbes

3 years ago#98
I think #DealWithIt sums it all up.

one of the reasons. i'm surprised people continued to support the xbone after this.

User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#99
Their own dishonest and weird justifications and promises that the Kinect would never be unbundled because it is integral to the Xbox One etc was what got them into the no-win situation. They thought the grandiose PR talk was just free positivity and that they could say whatever they want as long as it sounds cool and paints them and the Xbox One in positive light.

User Info: RJones416

3 years ago#100
its funny how xbox fanboys think its the ponies that are bashing ms but its actually current and former xbox owners.
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