1st Time X1 Owner - Multiple Questions (please answer)

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User Info: nightrazor423

3 years ago#1
Well after todays announcements I think I am making the switch from PS4 to X1, mainly I was waiting to see if MS was going to make a cheaper Kinectless X1 & they did + the 399 price tag is also nice.

I have multiple questions regarding the X1

1. All I have to do is just the Mandatory Day 1 Update

2. Then After Update my X1 will be able to play like my 360 OFFLINE

3. Does the X1 play B-Ray Movies or just DVDs like my 360

4. All I need is a XBL Account can I still use FREE SILVER like on my 360

5. What happened to the game called QUANTUM BREAK

6. Is Halo Gaurdians going to have an SP Mode like Previous game being OFFLINE Mode such as Reach, 3, 4, ODST & Wars did.

7. In the Master Chief Collection will H1 & H2 be in it or is this just H3, H4, & Reach.

8. We know that Guardians has a new MC but will Chief, Cortana & Halsey still be in it

9. Will Resident Evil 7 be a MS Exclusive Like I been hearing about & is it a REBOOT

10. Can I use my 360 HDMI Cable on my X1 or does the X1 use specific HDMI Cables

I been checking out the PS4, But nothing has caught my interest except The Order 1866, other games I want will be on my PS3 such as P5 or Tales.

Current games I can play on my PS3 such as Inquisition, so I made the choice to go X1, instead of PS4 just wondering if I am making the correct choice or not.

Eventually I will own all 3 consoles U, PS4, & X1 just wondering which console should be my 1st console.

Also Sunset Over Drive is another game I want, reminds of Total Overdose on the PS2.

User Info: TheM00d

3 years ago#2
3. X1 plays Blu Rays.
5. Quantum Break is still coming they are just tight lipped about it.
6. Halo 5: Guardians will have a single player that picks up after the events of Halo 4.
7. The Master Chief Collection (still a rumor) is supposed to include Halo 1,2,3, and 4. No ODST or Reach.
8.Remember the end of Halo 4? There is no way we know about any character other than MC.
10 any HDMI will work.
Good example. I'm sure terrorists go around saying "terrorist" all the time where they live, let alone have kinects. - TBONE_OG

User Info: dctavernier

3 years ago#3
1. Yes, but you should install the other updates too because they do useful things like disabling the sharpness filter that everyone complained about.

2. It should.

3. It does play Blu-Ray.

4. Yeah you can do silver I think without getting Gold and do limited online stuff.

5. Quantum Break is still coming out. Just not sure when.

6. I would guess it will have single and multiplayer.

7. It's Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4.

8. I think Chief should be in it.

9. Not sure.

10. It comes with an HDMI cable you can use.

As far as which is better, PS4 or XB1, I think XB1 is better so far. I have both and I play more on my Xbox One than my PS4. I just like the exclusives better. But this is really a subjective question and you should base your decision on the games you are interested in at the present probably.

User Info: nightrazor423

3 years ago#4
I love Halo, so I buy Anything Halo Related but I play them for the SP Mode, not Online Mode, I love the Storylines in the games.

I saw Quantum Break during E3 the game has peaked my Interest, Other games will pretty much be either on PS4 or X1 such as KH 3, FF 15, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 should also be on both consoles.

Only games that would be console exclusive would be Infamous, Halo, Mario, the usual stuf. Long as I can play Mass Effect 4 it shouldn't matter if I own a X1 or a PS4.

but right now the X1 has the most I want on it with the new Halo games announced & HD versions of previous Halo this is what made me switch from PS4 to X1.

I can always get my PS4 next year or wait till better games come on the PS4 heck right now the PS3 has better games than the PS4 does.

Drakengard 3, Tales of Xillia 2, Diablo Ultimate Tales of Zesteria, or Persona 5, this is why I am keeping my PS3 for many more years.

So I am going X1, I am sure MS has some OMG games we don't know about such as MASS EFFECT 4 & MASS EFFECT HD Trilogy.

User Info: nightrazor423

3 years ago#5
how big is the X1's Built in HDD I never Install My games mainly it will be for DLC Content & my Game saves.

User Info: dctavernier

3 years ago#6
It's 500 GB. In the future there is supposed to be support for external hard drives. But no one knows when.

However, some space is already taken on the HD by the operating system.

Also, your saved games are usually stored on "the cloud," I think.

Edit: Like the guy said below, all games have to be installed. The Blu-Ray drive is too slow or something.

User Info: snowboard340

3 years ago#7
nightrazor423 posted...
how big is the X1's Built in HDD I never Install My games mainly it will be for DLC Content & my Game saves.

You can't play games off disc anymore, they have to be installed.
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