Why would you want a console to fail?

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User Info: Thewinner14

3 years ago#21
6453 posted...
Thewinner14 posted...
Retailers of used goods is a bit different, as that is their business. Even brand new copies sitting on the shelf have already been bought and paid for by the retailer. The only difference between a used game sale and new game sale is how much money the retailer makes. The wholesaler has already received their payment for both copies.

100% true.

I'm just saying i'd rather buy a good game new. Which again falls on the devs to make good games, which is hit or miss (and has been forever).

I only buy new copies myself as well. However the rhetoric from the publishers is bs, which is why I'm against them trying to kill it off.
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User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#22
kyncani posted...
Mi1itant posted...
Lightdays posted...
Mi1itant posted...

my wife bought me a PS4 as a reward for stopping my smoking habit.

Whoa, Holy cow your wife did that for you.. Sweet @_@

£380 is not bad for saving my life....

No way around it. Not smoking is much better than smoking.

And pretty much any other game console is better than the original Xbox One.


User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#23
if it werent for sony, ms would have pulled thru on all of it's terrible, terrible anti consumer practices. they only pulled a series of 180's because they could not compete with sony, NOT because they genuinely changed their minds and saw the error of their ways., this means ms could go back to any of that at any time. i would rather see them out of industry than to see any of that ridiculous crap come to light
"People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3, so have less of a need to upgrade" - Yusuf Mehdi, Marketing, MS

User Info: PhoenixPrince

3 years ago#24
I do want it to fail, but at the same time I don't. Microsoft has been pulling a lot of crap this generation, or trying to. And they need to get the clear message that they do what the gamers want. We pay their checks, not the other way around, so they listen to us. But totally failing would be harmful to the industry as a whole, so.
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3 years ago#25
Its mostly kids 16 and under who don't comprehend
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User Info: Sevi_ney

3 years ago#26
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Its mostly kids 16 and under who don't comprehend

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#27
I would like everything to do with the DRM and paywall fiascos to fail hard, so they don't try them later thinking we're ready for our consoles to be under Matrial law.

Yes, they reversed the policies, but not because of massive outcry, or 1000's of people complaining, because their system was selling slower than the PS3.

User Info: Ironcondorz

3 years ago#28
Thewinner14 posted...
A used game was once bought new. Companies do not and should not get to double dip. The "the used game market is killing us!" Is bs rhetoric to place the blame on the consumer and not where it really belongs: on the publishers and their ridiculous budgets.

Anyway, any business (in a non-monopoly market) that attempts to mold the consumer around it's product, instead of molding its product around the consumer is setting itself up to fail. And they deserve it if they do.

How is it "double dipping" for the developer if there are no used games? They can only sell one copy per purchase/person and that is it. Gamestop on the other hand can resell the same exact copy of a game infinite amount of times potentially and none of that money goes back to the developer. Now technically the dev/pub is also selling the same exact product over and over with it being a video game and as such they probably shouldn't be priced the way they are, but if anyone should have that power it should belong to the people that made the game not Gamestop. Used games just takes the ability to sell the same item over and over away from the creators and gives it to someone else. Anyone should see that this would raise the cost of games.

Game pricing should be balanced by alternates (to gaming) and the value of the product just like most other goods. I don't see a problem with a dev/pub selling 1000 copies of a game if 1000 people want it. I do find it unfair for Gamestop to be able to buy 100 copies of the game from the dev/pub/wholesaler and sell each one of them 10 times to 1000 different customers though.

Now what REALLY needs to happen is games being able to be returned. If a developer puts out a shoddy product, you should be able to return it. If you did not enjoy the game there should be some recourse. Right now the used game market fills this need, but it shouldn't have to be this way. In this sense devs/pubs are killing themselves by creating a legit need for the used game market.

Now game budgets are indeed out of control, but that is in part due to how the game market is today and used games are a huge part of it. Today devs/pubs need to make all of their money on the first initial push for the game because they won't be making any money in the long haul. This is why games tend to be more big budget FLASH, HYPE, WOW, SEQUEL. Used games make it near impossible for them to have slow and steady long term sales.

User Info: Shik_stick

3 years ago#29
PackersXLV posted...
I'll just say this

Anyone who wants a console to fail is not a real gamer and have no place around games in general.

A little extreme, but i agree to a point. I Don't want any console or company to fail, but i do think MS has been slowly hurting the game industry(along with some developers and publishers). Right now i own every Sony system, every Sega, every Nintendo and a lot of handhelds. I have owned and Xbox and multiple Xbox 360's but currently don't have one.

Yet, even with that being said...i would consider myself a true gamer. It's more than a hobby to me. i spend a lot of time, energy and money on gaming so it would only make sense that i care about what happens to the industry. And just about everything MS tried to do with the Xbox One would have hurt the Industry. Look at the precedent they set with the 360. All of the new stuff they brought to the table(ripped from PC of course) DLC and add-ons, an online marketplace, a thriving online community and MP gaming, internal HDD and downloadable games and so on. Sony followed suit of course as it seemed like a great idea and these things were all successful.

However, each and every one of us have complained about overpriced and over saturation of DLC, always having to shoe-horn in features like DLC and MP, on disc content that lacked behind a paywall, paywalls in general, short development time on games and online passes and so on. ALL of these things can be traced back to a starting point that began with the Xbox 360 trying to change up console gaming. They're not the only one to blame but they started it, and set the precedent for things to come.

So i ask you this, if they had gotten away with what they wanted the Xbox One to be, what precedent would that have set for gaming 8 years down the road?

I can promise you it would not have been good for any of us. It also reminds me of an old article from when MS announced the original Xbox. It was a quote by the head of Nintendo, more of a quip really, that he gave in an interview, but he said something along the lines of:

"Now that Microsoft are getting into the gaming industry, it's only a matter of time before we are Buying a disc and paying more money to download the rest of the game later."

Could not have been more true. Now, before you call me a fanboy or a Pony take the time to consider what i said. I may not own an Xbox system right now, but that does not mean i want the system to fail or even that i want MS to fail. In that regard, i would like them to pull their heads out of their behinds, eat that humble pie and make things right the best way they can...which they seem to be doing now. I still don't trust MS as a company nor do i even like them, but if the Xbox One continues on this oath, i will get one and show support for MS simply because they ARE trying.
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#30
PackersXLV posted...
I'll just say this

Anyone who wants a console to fail is not a real gamer and have no place around games in general.

blind enthusiasm is just that, blind. i hope you enjoy mobile games cause according to this post you sure should
"People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3, so have less of a need to upgrade" - Yusuf Mehdi, Marketing, MS
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