The Unofficial Xbox One Pre-E3 Thread

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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#1
This thread is specially made for discussions involving the Xbox One and that only. [no PS4/PS3/Vita, no Wii/3DS, nor even Xbox 360]

What: E3 2014
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center. Los Angeles, California
Dates: June 10-12

Press Conferences
Monday June 9

Microsoft - 9:30 a.m. PDT

Electronic Arts - 12 noon PDT
Ubisoft - 3 p.m. PDT
Sony - 6 p.m. PDT

Games Confirmed:
Alien: Isolation
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Gears of War 4
Halo 5: Guardian
EA Sports UFC
Far Cry 4
Lords of the Fallen
Metro: Redux
Star Wars Battlefront
Sunset Overdrive
Tom Clancy's The Division

Games Unconfirmed to be @Show
Assassin's Creed Unity
Batman Arkham Knight
Fables: Legend
The Evil Within
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Kindom Hearts III
Final Fantasy XV
Mass Effect 4
Mad Max
Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain
Mirror's Edge 2
Quantum Break
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Wolfenstein: The New Order
WWE 2K15

Games Rumored/Expected to be Announced

Forza Horizon 2
Crackdown 3
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Perfect Dark (TPS Reboot)
Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered
Grand Theft Auto 5 Remastered
Mortal Kombat 10
Resident Evil 7
Tomb Raider 2
MS Exclusive JPRG (practically confirmed)

Rumored information to be touched upon.
-Games, games and more GAMES!!!
-Halo television show
We are only about 3 weeks away! What are you excited about most? What do you want to see get announced? This is the ultimate sanctuary of gaming Xbox, SCOOP!

User Info: Charocks

3 years ago#2
Former Xbox Fan - A Flying Ewok
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#3
I'm so used to Slayer doing these. I wonder if he's doing one for this year?

Anyway, great OP, TC. : )

Would you like us to post videos and what we'd like to be shown/revealed?
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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#4
Great topic TC.

My most anticipated game to see is STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT!!!!!!!!!! I waited an entire GENERATION for this game to finally come back. It surpasses my anticipation to see Halo 5 or the Master Chief collection, if that's true. This E3 is going to be amazing that it actually looks like MS looked at their last E3 and said we are never doing that again.....besides the games lets keep the games part.
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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#5
Thanks zero and pblimp. I am so stoked for this years show. The bad PR from a year ago was probably one of the best thing to ever happen to MS. It showed them that it is about the games. They are showing us that they are locked in this time around with all of these huge pre announcements with more to come.

$400 kinectless version? checked
Away with media paywall? checked
Games with Gold on Xbox One? checked
Games? double checked

What megatons could they have left? A lot more I bet. I would be already satisfied if this was all they had.

User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#6
Yeah, no problem man.

Do you want us to post our wishes and wants though?
Death isn't the exit of existence. It's the entrance into eternity. R.I.P Zora Nelson 3/6/13 Forever loved

User Info: SiriusSternFan

3 years ago#7
Where's the official thread?
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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#8
pblimp360 posted...
Yeah, no problem man.

Do you want us to post our wishes and wants though?

Do whatever and speculate. It's all for fun. =D

SiriusSternFan posted...
Where's the official thread?

Someone will make one closer to E3 with more up to date information. I couldn't hold my excitement so I made one a lot earlier. =P

User Info: CombaticusXY

3 years ago#9
All of those titles sound great, thanks for the thread TC
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#10
What I expect and hope...

1. Halo 5: Guardians new engine showcased in some detail with actual gameplay and the idea of the stories scope and it to be announced it's open world with us being allowed to traverse planetary systems. Epic s*** in other words.

2. Speaking of Epic, I expect the next Gears of War to be announced and hopefully see the new Unreal Engine 4 at play but I expect a trailer which is fine.

3. Quantum Break gameplay. Long overdue and I read they improved their engine as well. Looking forward to that.

4. More from Sunset Overdrive in general. We've already got some gameplay videos, but it's another thing to showcase this at E3 with likel new weapons and events in the game to be shown.

5. Crackdown 3. I'm hoping this is true, and I hope it's a vibrant and beautiful as Sunset Overdrive is, except with super powers of course and a big ass world to jump around in. It needs to look as wild and crazy as Saints Row 4.

6. Indie games. Of course they have to focus on them. They need to show they are dedicated to them as a lot of gamers want it and the PS4 is very welcoming to them. I expect a revised policy on allowing them to come to the system at a later date, instead of release date parity and for devs to be all over that s***. Also, MS kicked off the love with the 360, they should by all rights be a leader in bringing them out on their system. The X1 could use a ton of arcade titles anyway.

7. External HD support. It's already being teased...

8. Battletoads and Perfect Dark were on that supposed leaked list. I and I'm sure many gamers are hoping those are true. It's well past time for those to come back and MS needs to go further into making sure they're near AAA funded games with solid developers. Also, as many have stated, they need to invest in their previous IP's and make use of them. Banjo Kazooie and Viva Piñata are two prime examples. Heck, they could even announce the latter two as original Xbox shows. Viva already had a cartoon at one point. Why not?

9. New exclusives and surprise announcements from high profile developers (like, Volition, Valve, Epic, BioWare, Platinum Games) for both the controller based games and Kinect. I'm hoping they give people a reason to want the Kinect going forward after the most recent changes.

10. We all know one thing certain from the leaked list to be true is the GwG announcement. I'm hoping beyond that MS unveils plans for the near future in a new streaming service, behind the Gold paywall of course, for 360 games to be playable on the X1 much like Sony's "Playstation Now" which includes full retail titles and arcade titles.
Death isn't the exit of existence. It's the entrance into eternity. R.I.P Zora Nelson 3/6/13 Forever loved
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