Should Microsoft sell Rare?

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User Info: CloudStrife630

3 years ago#51
sdchi posted...
Megamushroom666 posted...
sdchi posted...
All of the important people at Rare had already left before Microsoft bought them. Nintendo wouldn't change anything.

Nintendo doesn't need the old staff to make great games with those IPs. Look at how they recreated Donkey Kong Country with Retro - they made 2 great games in the series without Rare's help at all. Nintendo could easily buy Rare and infuse the studio with quality talent.

If any of that were true (when's the last time Nintendo has made a good game not based on one of its 20+ year old franchises?), it wouldn't play like a Rare made game anyway. Pointless.

What? Smash Bros isn't a 20+ year franchise. I think you're lost if you don't know Nintendo quality.

User Info: BroBrahFett

3 years ago#52
creep50 posted...
TBONE_OG posted...
creep50 posted...
no it was a horrible banjo game because it had nothing to do with banjo..banjo kazooie was a platformer..not some lego games based around vehicles

it is a giant middle finger because they make people wait for a new game for 8 years and two generations of consoles just to give that something that is not remotely similar...

did you even play the originals...some of the best 3D platformers ever..and it was something that 360 needed...but instead we got this crap

Did you read what you wrote? "It was a terrible BANJO game because Nut & Bolts had nothing to do with BANJO." I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

The game was still a platformer, it was just different. Instead of running around (which you could still do!) you drove cars, planes, boats.

It had the music, the humor, the characters, the art, the voices, the jiggys, the throwbacks -- it was completely a Banjo game.

And yes, I own Banjo 1 for N64, and Tooie on 360. So nice try on that one. Something tells me you don't know Banjo.

what? is there a context you are missing there?? do you think that jut throwing banjo in there automatically means that it has something to do with the older banjo games? mario kart a donkey kong game?


90% of the game had to do with vehicles..that has nothing to do with how the first 2 banjos where..because the gameplay is nothing alike

it has more in common with lego games

the music the humour and characters (who are all completely different btw) and voices are all completely irrelevant if the gameplay is not there....and the art is completely different...banjo and kazooie where not squares in the N64 games

when people where constantly asking for a new banjo game that did not mean some vehicle building game

nobody that can honestly call themselves fans of 3D platforming could honestly like nuts and bolts as a sequel to banjo tooie....not even some of the people that made it (mainly grant kirkhope)

And TBONE_OG was never heard from again

User Info: CloudStrife630

3 years ago#53
TBone got sent to his grave

RIP in pieces ;_;

User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

3 years ago#54
Mixorz posted...
No, and from a business standpoint it would be better to sit on their franchises and do nothing with them than allow a competitor to get a hold of them.


Multi-billion dollar corporations like to monopolize as much as they can.
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