My XBox Fitness Update

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User Info: Uproar2099

3 years ago#1

I wanted to give a quick update to those that were following the progress of my Xbox Fitness 30-day Test that I completed just over a month ago.

For those of you that are not aware of what I was doing, I tested the Xbox Fitness app for 30 days, completing 1 workout per day for 30 days without changing anything else about my lifestyle (diet, work habits, etc)

Overall my results were fairly conservative as I lowered my weight from 210 lbs to around 202 lbs, but I feel like I was getting much stronger both in my upper body and core as well as my overall stamina was much improved.

I took the advice of some of you on here, Xbox One and Twitter and made one small change after the 30 days were up... I removed soda from my diet completely. I now strictly drink water with every meal but aside from that I have made no other changes to my diet or habits (I've only gone to the real gym 1 time since for weight work when my kids were hogging the TV).

The video above shows my results from the 30 days after making those changes. I'm now down to about 195 lbs as of today and I'm literally getting comments from people every day about how thin I look. I feel MUCH stronger overall and just feel great in general.

As before, I'm very interested in hearing all of your Xbox Fitness results, especially if you've been trying something similar to me. Again, you can follow me on Xbox One, Youtube and/or Twitter for the latest updates and videos.

Thanks again to anyone that's been following me through this!
GT: Uproar2099
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User Info: Elemayowe

3 years ago#2
I haven't come across this before but it's very interesting. I've been looking for ways to drop weight without altering my life too much (not a great attitude but I'm often quite busy).

I don't really have time to go through your vids atm (exam season :( ) but I have a few questions. I know these can probably be answered through them but like I said, short on time. I definitely plan on looking at them once I've got this stuff out of the way.

You mentioned work habits, what were these exactly? Do you have a job that involves physical activity, heavy lifting etc?

Did you do any exercise besides the 1 workout, play sports with friends or anything, go on walks, cycle to work?

What kind of workouts did you do on xbox fitness, I've had a look there's quite a variety, did you go for strictly cardio ones, or throw some muscle toning/building ones in there?

Finally, do you drink? Alcoholic drinks generally contain a large amount of calories so I as a social drinker I'm curious as to whether that factored in.

Oh and how tall are you, just to give an indication of your size/mass ratio.
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User Info: VladIIITepes

3 years ago#3
Good job, and congratulations. :-)

User Info: vormis

3 years ago#4
Very cool and congratulations on the results. I'll have to give it a go as well. I've recently lost 15lbs pretty easily just by cutting back sodas, beer, and eating a lower calorie diet.

I jog a bit and walk at least a mile and a half each day.

However, for whatever reason, I get extremely dizzy while doing most exercises. My heart is okay and everything but there is just something about many of the exercises that make me too dizzy to work through them.

I do remember seeing some yoga-type stuff in there, though. Maybe I'll give those a go!

User Info: FonixWerks

3 years ago#5
Keep it up man! Get more results, get to your goal!
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User Info: AndrewHD

3 years ago#6
Calories in versus calories out, and switching from soda to water is a big step. Don't drink fruit juices either, stick to water and sparkling water.
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User Info: Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects
3 years ago#7
Cool! Keep it up man. I've never checked out the Fitness app, but I did download it.
Might give it a look in later today!

User Info: Dinglesteed

3 years ago#8
I always load up Xbox Fitness but then get sidetracked by a couple of the girls on there. Maybe this is the motivation I need to actually do the exercises :D
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#9
Excellent my dude. Congrats. I need to start back working out as well. I've gotten lazy lol
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User Info: Charity_Diary

3 years ago#10
This is the kind of stuff I wanna see on this board.

Not resolution crap, or console war propaganda.
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