To buy bundled with Kinect, or not?

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User Info: Toddlarod

3 years ago#1
I'm probably not getting this console until after the un-bundled version comes out. I'm pretty much just a gamer, but I'm still wondering if I should get the Kinect.

I'm not into full motion-control games, so that part doesn't interest me. I want to know about the features and functionalities of this console when paired with the Kinect. Also, I want to know whether or not those Kinect features integrated into non-Kinect games are any good or not.

What is added to the console with a Kinect connected? Are any of the features essential to get maximum enjoyment out of my console? Do you enjoy your Kinect?
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#2
I enjoy it. The voice commands are nice and work 95% of the time for me. "Xbox Record That" is nifty. Kinect sign in is nice. I don't have cable but I hear the kinect works really well with TV. I use voice navigation a lot.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#3
Love Kinect. It's great and makes using the Xbox One much better.

Maybe play with your friends a bit more to get a feel? Ryse had Kinect features...
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User Info: Wileyx15

3 years ago#4
I enjoy my Kinect. I like how it signs me into my account. It's easier to navigate the dashboard with the Kinect. It's good while watching TV, just say 'watch AMC' (or any other channel) and it changes the channel. I also like the voice commands in some of the games. Also, when I leave my room, it dims the TV, but when I come back the screen goes back to normal, which is pretty neat.
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User Info: Gietzy

3 years ago#5
I'm 28, have been gaming since my launch day SNES. I have had every major home console since except for Saturn, Dreamcast and XBox. I have had an XBOne since January. I have never used my Kinect. It is a complete waste of time. The only conceivable reason to connect it is if you have young relatives or if you throw stupid parties and want it for messing about with.
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3 years ago#6
I just bought a Kinect XO, used, came with 2 games.
I have no idea why so many hate the Kinect, probably butthurt they paid +$100 for Voice and Gesture commands, hey I'd be hurt too, but I paid the exact $$ that the 399.99 Kinect-less Xo would cost me (+tx), so =D I think only the Day one and every PRE-399.99 XO owner is allowed to bish about the Kinect's uselessness, and hey would ya look at that they do. I learnt my lesson of Launch purchases way back when.

I'm actually really digging the voice commands, really wish there was MORE (Can I Pause Netflix Snap-In while playing a game?? via Voice cmd)

Now its all about which games go to what consoles, I'm in the same gamer-era as Gietzy, I really dont give two shtake-mushrooms about graphics and this 1080p vs 792p/900p crap.
but sadly the only XO exclusive I'm digging is Titanfall, whereas on PS4 the exclusive I want isnt even out yet. Not sure why people care about this or that console (I dont remember any of this fanboy crap growing up) its the games and its always been the games. before I start a shtake-storm by going off topic.
Kinect for gaming...I really dont see the point, I just want more cool features and more usability! like SPEECH TO TEXT, make sending mail or google searching or that late night Where-the-fk-on-youtube-am-I adventures.
I really not a fanboy of any sort, just rooting for the underdog (cmon on face it PS4 > XO when it comes to Hardware) but I have to admit, I'm loving the XO for all this Media-ware, but the downside its all this clutter and messy un-friendly(imo) UI, versus the PS4, which just feels like a faster and zippier PS3 when navigating its menus(imo, I do like it more, but XO definitely has way more features...but also lacking some of the more "mainstream" features like seeing friend messages in chat-bubble like conversations)
Holy crap the side-track, 3am does that to you.
and the fact I just picked up the XO today =D

And seriously Kinect, wheres my Take-a-picture-of-my-face-and-stick-it-on-my-avatar !!!

User Info: KOOGAR

3 years ago#7
Kinect is the future.

I think you need kinect to talk to L. Ron Hubbard.
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#8
Honestly I think to get the FULL ms experience it is needed. I'd pay the 50-100 more for it if I was looking at getting one.
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