I honestly wonder whether deep down, most x1 buyers regret it

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  3. I honestly wonder whether deep down, most x1 buyers regret it

User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#201
BroBrahFett posted...
Maverick_Reznor posted...
mokmuud posted...
Maverick_Reznor posted...
Why are Sony fanboys so damn bitter? They have literally turned gamefaqs into a cesspool.

That applies to all fanboys.

no it doesn't, all fanboys are bad but Sony fanboys take it a step farther and want everyone to be as miserable as them.

Wrong. The Xbox fanboys have been much worse since all that crap with the One went down last year.

You are all wrong, except Mokmuud.

All fanboys are equally as bad and should be treated with disdain and contempt.

What you are doing is the equivalent of comparing trash to other trash and calling one piece better than the other. A rotten banana peel is no better than a rotten apple core and neither is better than a rotten orange peel.
I'm not the nicest person you'll meet.
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User Info: gogogodzilla

3 years ago#202
wake_me_420 posted...
gogogodzilla posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
gogogodzilla posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
The only regrets I see around here are from people who bought PS4s and still don't have any decent games to play so they troll the X1 forum incessantly. X1 owners seem to be very pleased with a console that is getting a good flow of exclusives (for a launch window), steady updates, has been on a roll with major announcements since GDC and does more than any console in the past.

And there must not be any games for the Xbox1 if you are here... instead of playing it.

Your logic works both ways, which means it fails.

Big difference between an X1 owner dropping into an X1 forum and a PS4 owner trolling an X1 forum. Which means you fail, so na na na na pffft.

Changing the argument used is even more fail.

showing the fallacy in your logic isn't a fail

Nothing to back up your assertion... fail.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#203


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  3. I honestly wonder whether deep down, most x1 buyers regret it

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