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User Info: Tajaz2426

3 years ago#31
Road_Kill_666 posted...
Gadoken22 posted...

List war is still in infancy but it's been somewhat referenced on reddit and other forums. Basically it tracks all exclusives on both platforms.

Mind you, it's still missing a few pieces (such as mentioning PvZ no longer being exclusive) but the site's clean and simple.


Personally i think its a cheap tactic to list indie games with actual games because they are not the same. Mini indie games like Secret Poncho being listed next to real game like Uncharted and The Last of Us where there is a huge gap in quality is a shameful ploy to pad the library to look like you have more games than you do by distracting from the fact that they all aren't full fledged games. Having a bunch of cheap non AAA games does not add to a library. Just my opinion. Do real games vs. real games.

So far if i get a PS4 it will be for Last of Us only. Can't see a single other game worth my time and I'm pre ordering like 10 multiplats for X1.

I think console gaming comes down to a lot of things besides how good games are. If we wanted the best games on the consoles, everyone would get a PS4 for multiplats because it has better quality. So, I think it's down to personal preference, not performance at all. Be it friends, family, controller, that is why most choose a console. That is my opinion anyway, as I enjoy the PS4, because of the Eco system and because the multiplats are better, there aren't enough exclusives to go by as multiplats out number the exclusives probably 20 to 1 or more.

Also, my real life friends and family got the PS4, except my 12 year old, we purchased him an OBox One. In the end it is not about quality of games it's more personal reasons than anything.
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User Info: Waluigi7

3 years ago#32
kennyynnoo posted...
Trolls are in here having a circle jerk I see.

Not my fault that Sony has the better console with better exclusives (ALL OF THIS IS MY OPINION OF COURSE)
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User Info: lunchbox2042

3 years ago#33
ssjgohhku posted...
loafy013 posted...
List failed for me right at the start. Titanfall is not an Xbone exclusive, and neither is Injustice a PS4 exclusive.

Titanfall is but Injustice isn't.

Last time I checked PC and Xbox 360 weren't Xbox One. If Titanfall makes the list then any game not on Xbone that is on PS4 would make the list as it's a comparison between consoles.
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