After the huge success of MarioKart 8 do you want MS to make a mascot racer too?

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  3. After the huge success of MarioKart 8 do you want MS to make a mascot racer too?

User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#31
micheal82 posted...
No MS don't need a Mario Kart nor a Smash Bros. clone. Look at PS Allstars and LBP Karting both of them didn't sell well while carrying the stigma of being Nintendo clones. If MS did that the would be accused of coping both Nintendo and Sony.

MS doesn't need a PlayStation clone either yet they keep more. Same goes for their Gran Turismo and God of War clones.

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#32
The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: urmie

3 years ago#33
I would venture to say Nintendo needs a real racing game, which Microsoft/Sony both have already.
Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt the one doing it.

User Info: Wii_Truth

3 years ago#34
Oh god no. Remember Sony Smash bros.?

User Info: googler

3 years ago#35
No, kart racing is stupid. MK8 was one of 4 games U owners actually wanted and solely bought the system for like they have with previous Nintendo consoles so of course it sold moderately well. SONY and especially MS already flopped enough with trying to imitate success (Kinect 2) so no thank you. MK is a flagship title and has good brand recognition and why it does well in the same reason Gears and Halo do so well on Xbox and has less to do with the genre

User Info: j2cc45

3 years ago#36
mrpic posted...
the problem with nintendo this year is that god awfull pad/pad thing they have i tried it i hated it and figure the console isnt worth my time because 70% of the games require it

actually only two games require gamepad only and that is lego city undercover and zombie u.
gt: thebullseye83 psn: bullseye83 Wii U fc : Bullseye

User Info: Slippyed

3 years ago#37
Just give me Burnout back. And maybe a twisted metal type game.

User Info: Samuel 025

Samuel 025
3 years ago#38
Or buy the rights to Advent Rising and restart the trilogy.
They call him a liar because he M'aiq's things up.

User Info: bridog346

3 years ago#39
No, come up with something new instead of copying something so successful they'll never catch that market.
"All those moments will be lost... in time... like... tears... in rain. Time... to die."

User Info: chem1calburn

3 years ago#40
mrpic posted...

but id love nintendo to make thier games multiplat or microsoft to buy f zero

it would be the perfect online racer game imo

F Zero would be awesome on Xbox.
X-Box Live GT: Poppa DR3W
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  3. After the huge success of MarioKart 8 do you want MS to make a mascot racer too?

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