System selling exclusives?

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User Info: AustinHH

3 years ago#1
Let me start by saying I have a PS4 and I love the thing. The problem I have with it is that there are a lack of games right now. That problem is resolving itself slowly.

I'm very interested in Forza but I can't justify $450 or $500 on a single video game. Are there any other system selling exclusives I can't play on my PC or PS4? Anything actually worth considering putting that kind of money down for? I badly want to play Forza but I've got other financial obligations and I just can't justify that kind of price for 1 racing game...

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#2
Forza, Forza Horizon 2 alone are why I bought the x1 before a ps4. In the long run future forza games will be justifiable for my purchase.
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User Info: lilj812

3 years ago#3
Gotta wait for the conference. But most Xbox exclusives also go to pc where you'll get the better version anyways.
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User Info: AustinHH

3 years ago#4
Nothing out now or in the next few months?

User Info: spurrierzook

3 years ago#5
Titanfall was for me. Love it

User Info: nableet

3 years ago#6
Wait till E3. There aren't too many games out at the moment that you can't play elsewhere. Those that are out (Ryse) are very polarising.

Less than 24 hours ;-)
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User Info: AustinHH

3 years ago#7
spurrierzook posted...
Titanfall was for me. Love it

I've been really unimpressed by it personally. I see the appeal but it's just too small in scope and I can't stand fighting bots. I did the beta on PC and it really turned me away from the game. To each their own though. I love mech games I just cant stand jumping through hoops and killing bots to get into a mech for a few minutes before it's blown up. Maybe there have been massive gameplay changes since the beta but the 3 on 3 format is just too small for me to have a ton of bots running around.
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