Going X1 Kinect-Less X1

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User Info: dragondrive33

3 years ago#1
Done decided, going X1 Without the Kinect, I can always get the Kinect Later on if I choose to, there is no way in Crap Sony can compete with what MS had revealed.

The only thing could be maybe Mass Effect being 1st on PS4 or HD Trilogy on PS4, but right now MS is owning with Halo & H5 Guardians, & The Witcher 3 looks amazing on the X1.

So after I buy my last few PS3 games this year I will get my X1, Also looks like X1 is getting Killer Instinct Season 2.

Cant wait to get started on my X1, but I have already was plan on getting the X1 but E3 made this a lot easier to choose from.

Nintendo, Mario, Mario, & PS4, just copy of Ports or Remakes.

User Info: shadylpete

3 years ago#2
What did they reveal that was exclusive that makes it worth it? We already knew about Halo 5, Forza Horizon & Sunset Overdrive.

User Info: ebj767

3 years ago#3
No way Sony can compete?

You underestimate the gaming industry.

User Info: Mindwipe77

3 years ago#4
you havent even seen the sony e3 yet TC, stop talking out of your rear
Playstation- Where The Greatest Play
"All the significant breakthroughs were breaks with old ways of thinking."
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