Next gen is a massive disappointment.

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User Info: GreenMage7

3 years ago#21
Tajaz2426 posted...
Dude, we got plenty of sweet games. Bunch of cool games this year and next year is going to be pretty spectacular.

We got a PSTV that is essentially a second PS4, plays PS1 games, PS3 games, streams movies, it's like a Roku box that plays actual video games.

VR headset, new SKU's for XBox, updates for gesture and voice control for the Kinect. Halo tv show and a bunch of new channel apps for the One. Nintendo is doing a bunch of stuff with the Wii U.

Not only are we getting some sweet ass video games for multiple consoles, but they are becoming a one stop pace for everything you need media wise.

I see a bunch of innovation, but it is all subjective. I just never look at the downside of things, am I a realist? Sure, but I'm not pessimistic about video games. It is a hobby and little fictional characters on a little plastic box. How can people not be excited!

Almost same time, well said.

User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#22
I'm giving next-gen the benefit of the doubt. I've never owned a console this early on in it's lifecycle. Thinking back on all of my old consoles, the earliest was 3 years into its lifecycle.

User Info: n0suchluck

3 years ago#23
"Everything wants to be call of duty and now call of duty wants to be Halo"

-Too risky for a company to come into the FPS genre with an innovative idea when COD/Halo rule the roost. They have a formula that works and has mass appeal. I agree with you and would like to see something different. Doubt it though

"How about some unique characters? Not the same old 25-35 year old brown haird dude we have been force fed in action games for 10 years."

-I think you're partially correct. Most action hero's are as you've described but there's plenty of games that don't

"In 1999 we got a game called Shenmue. It featured a town that had 100 individual characters who lived their daily lives. They went to work, worked, ate, played arcade games, went for walks, and went back home. All in real time. That was 15 years ago, half the kids in here weren't even alive."

-Never played it...and you're making me regret it. But I think this can be done

"We had more unpredictable NPC's in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas than we do in V"

-I think Rockstar is one of the few devs that really do the most innovative things. They may have dumbed down the npc's but we had 3 different protagonists that were living there own lives while you were controlling one. And technically this game was last gen...can't wait to see what they do now. Also I was more partial to Vice city. Probably cause I grew up in the 80's

"NFL 2K5, came out a decade ago. It had a full sportscenter package. It had an entire pre and post draft show. Nothing comes close to that in sports game today."

- This I couldn't agree more! I also remember NHL 94 had highlights of other games during the intermission. What ever happened to these things?! My guess with Madden, at least, is that ever since EA bought the NFL license innovation went out the window

"We are just getting the same thing but it looks prettier. We are not getting innovation of gameplay or game style. We are getting shiner versions of what we got. Gaming should be evolving beyond this."

-Comes down to money and risk, really. They cater to the casuals. However, we are only 7 months into the "next gen" and it's a bit too early to be disappointed. There are some games on the horizon that look like they are breaking away from the traditional. Witcher/Division/Evolve...stuff to get excited opinion though. Nice topic though

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

3 years ago#24
riboflav posted...
Not if you have a Wii U. Best games of all new consoles. The end.

Um...Nintendo is the worst offender.

While the others are rehashing games and mechanics from 7th gen, Nintendo is rehashing games and mechanics from 3rd gen
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SyphonFilterAddict 3 years ago#25
I feel the same as the TC. Why did they wait so long to release these consoles, yet not have much if anything huge to release in at least a year and a half? I mean these things are struggling to reach 1080p let alone 60 fps. Why not release them next fall with better GPUs? I mean seriously, there is barely anything mind blowing out now or this year.
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User Info: sammogard

3 years ago#26
totally happy with next gen. feels next gen to me. not sure what people are playing but i don't care.

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#27
PS5, WiiUandMe, and Xbox Two? I don't know... They may be massive disappointments. It is too early to tell. | twitter: @astroduck79
Waiting for: Destiny, No Man's Sky, Rogue Legacy, The Witness, Fallout 4
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