My wallet is going to hate me

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User Info: Swab18

3 years ago#1
2014 is going to be a great year for the One. I'm excited after all of today's announcements. Now I'm waiting for Sony's conference so we can see what other games we can be excited about. I don't own a PS4, but I'm still hoping we'll see some 3rd party games in action. This is a good year for gamers.
Where does my fps p?

User Info: squidney2k1

3 years ago#2
Already have 6 titles for the X1 on my radar. I imagine that the PS4 will add another 3 to that.
Best games of last gen: Mass Effect series & Bioshock series \m/ (O_o) \m/
Yes, I bought a Wii U, and I still don't know why.

User Info: vietkb99

3 years ago#3
i agree with you on this one totally in the upcoming months my wallet will feel empty

User Info: Swab18

3 years ago#4
Even 2015 has some great support for the beginning of the year. I wish Battefront was this year, but I don't mind that we don't have a release date. We've already waited like 8 years so what's a few more, haha. I've already been happy with my X1, but now we're starting to get serious this gen.
Where does my fps p?

User Info: Staranime010

3 years ago#5
Lol Goodbye money

User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#6
Mine will too. I need to start putting money aside.
"You know you've spotted a fanboy when they simply can not concede that anything is worthwhile on the other console"~ Evel138

User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#7
I believe wallets don't like money, they never put up a struggle when i pull the bills out.
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